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Monday, December 31, 2007

Leading jockeys, by wins, thru Dec. 30th...

Leading Jockeys at Tampa Bay Downs
Starting Date: 12/08/2007 Ending Date: 12/30/2007

Name..... Starts... 1st... 2nd... 3rd... Earnings

Daniel Centeno 64 17 11 9 $229,699
Carlos Montalvo 68 13 13 9 $224,597
Jose A. Velez, Jr. 54 10 7 5 $131,630
Rosemary B. Homeister, Jr. 53 8 8 6 $105,905
Juan D. Lopez 45 8 5 4 $92,254
Luis Antonio Gonzalez 69 7 12 8 $107,429
Tammi Piermarini 36 6 1 5 $66,384
Dean P. Butler 45 4 9 5 $69,570
Pedro L. Cotto, Jr. 47 3 4 9 $77,295
Andrew R. Ramgeet 46 3 4 3 $42,784
Mike Allen 32 3 3 3 $43,718
Irwin J. Rosendo 28 3 3 2 $52,431
Pablo Morales 23 3 2 3 $37,814
Jose C. Ferrer 16 3 2 0 $32,744
Janio Cruz 25 3 1 3 $24,566
Luis Romero Rivera, Jr. 22 3 1 2 $23,173
Jose E. Lopez 14 3 0 1$59,127

Leading trainers, by wins, thru Dec. 30th...

Leading Trainers at Tampa Bay Downs
Starting Date: 12/08/2007 Ending Date: 12/30/2007

Name..... Starts... 1st... 2nd... 3rd... Earnings

Dale Bennett 18 7 1 4 $104,616
Gerald S. Bennett 32 5 3 3 $60,866
Gregory A. Griffith 18 5 2 2 $56,952
Charles Fontana 36 5 2 1 $37,068
Jamie Ness 15 5 1 3 $57,014
Miguel A. Feliciano 25 3 5 1 $48,740
Javier Contreras 18 3 4 1 $40,849
Lynne M. Scace 17 3 3 1 $46,211
Rick Slomkowski 7 3 1 1 $29,714
H. Graham Motion 4 3 0 0 $34,295
Michael Dini 7 3 0 0 $28,814
Michael L. Catalano, Jr. 3 3 0 0 $24,840
Barbara I. McBride 24 2 4 2 $24,103
Ronald D. Allen, Sr. 16 2 2 0 $25,053
Thomas F. Proctor 11 2 2 0 $21,639
Deborrah J. Artz 6 2 2 0 $16,915
Bernard Bramante 20 2 1 3 $19,751
Rafael Ramos 17 2 1 2 $37,191
Bernell B. Rhone 7 2 1 1 $30,367
Forrest Kaelin 11 2 1 1 $27,712

Recap for Sun. Dec. 30th

Had three of four winners but couldn't cash. Tampa begins their T-Th-F-Sa-Su schedule after the new year, so things can get into more of a rhythm then. Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Meet record: 10/45= 22% Bet: $363.00 Won: $387.20 Profit: $24.20

Sunday, December 30, 2007

SELECTIONS- Sun., Dec. 30, 2007

Race 3: #3-Dinner Backstage drops into a winning spot and should be the controlling speed at 7F.

Race 4: #7,#8 and #10 in this weak MdClm50K on the lawn. Rooting for the #7-Brienanna Cat to take to the surface in her second start, at a price.

Race 5: #1-Hurry Up Hillyard will try to take them wire to wire going two turns off the stretchout; #7-Stormin West has stalking speed, likes the distance and drops to the level of the claim.

Wager: $1pick3- 3/7,8,10/1,7 Races 3-5

Wager: $5exabox- 1/7 Race 5

Race 7: #10-Patricia ships in from CD at the top of her game; she'll be flying in the lane in this no conditions alw.

Wager: $1tri- 10/1,2,7,8/1,2,7,8

Recap for Sat. Dec. 29th

Caught the winners in the 5th and 6th races. Daniel Centeno was the riding star with a four bagger on the day. Trainer Joan Scott ran four horses, including 3 firsters, and all four should be bet next out, especially Service Corps (22-1), who was a fast closing 4th in the Inaugural Stakes, beaten by 3/4, after an amazing outside>inside trip from the 13-hole. Unfolding Wish, a Kinsman Stable homebred out of Gilded Time, won the Sandpiper Stakes for 2yo fillies; she ran a half second faster than the colts/geldings, and is now undefeated in three starts. Mr. Steinbrenner was in attendance to see her victory.

Meet record: 10/42= 24% Bet: $335.00 Won: $387.20 Profit: $52.20

Saturday, December 29, 2007

SELECTIONS- Sat., Dec. 29, 2007

Today is Cotillion Festival Day (?). {translation: all the races are for 2yos} Here are some horses to watch/wager on:

Race 2: Liked #7-Ohio's Way last time at 19-1, get to pick him today at 8-5 or less. #2-It's A Rap goes turf>dirt, route>sprint; well bred son of Johannesburg draws Centeno, plenty of attention.

Wager: $1tri- 7/2,11,12/2,11,12

Race 3: Plenty of speed here, but #2-This Smoke Did It is the quickest.

Wager: $1tri- 2/6,7,8/6,7,8

Race 4: The key to this turf event will be to bet against the heavy favorite, #7-Flying Dismount, trained by Cristophe Clement. I'll use the classy #1-Twinbucktu and #5-El Gran Tony on top of separate triples.

Wager: $1tri- 1/4,5,6,7/4,5,6,7 & 5/1,4,6,7/1,4,6,7

Race 5: Lynne Scace can unleash really good first-timers, and #9-Mysterious Jule fits the pattern. The rail horse#1-Dee's Rose is training up a storm for her debut; Bennett/Montalvo. Joan Scott has a nice looking FuPeg from Dixiana Stables, #5-Lucky Flyer, but she's just prepping here; this one will want two turns, and probably turf.

Wager: $5win/place- 9

Race 6: Sandpiper Stakes $65K 6F- There are a lot of quick young fillies signed up here, but I was really impressed by #3-Unfolding Wish when she raced here on Dec. 11. She just has that "classy sprinter" aura.

Wager: $10win- 3

Race 7: Try to beat the likely overbet #5-Trizelle for Motion/Centeno here, and you should be rewarded; who to use is the problem. #9-Glimmering Hope is a nicely bred daughter of Belong To Me debuting for Joan Scott off a long string of works. She doesn't pop too many first-timers, but this is the kind she does it with, and there isn't a lot of talent entered in this one. #3-Minnaloushe's Girl has low profile connections, but I always bet every Black Minnaloushe offspring 1st time turf, it has been profitable.

Wager: $2exa- 9/3,10 & 3,10/9

Race 8: Inagural Stakes $65K 6F- Mucho speed here as well, so let's use some proven finishers. #3-Sinners Repent ships in from Calder for the crafty Roberto Arango; #5-Run Sully Run ships in from Palm Meadows after a non-effort in the slop on the BC Friday undercard; #7-Surrealdeal is a consistent son of Awesome Again who will be a big price. Box 'em.

Wager: $2exabox- 3,5,7

Recap for Fri. Dec. 28th

Caught the turf triple, but the winner got bet down to 2-1, so not much to write home about there. In the 7th, violated one of basic rules and paid for it: always bet against the heavy favorite in a short field where he is at a pace disadvantage.

Meet record: 8/35= 23% Bet: $259.00 Won: $219.20 Loss: $39.80

Friday, December 28, 2007

SELECTIONS- Fri., Dec. 28, 2007

Race 4: #10-Harmony Found might be the best closer in this weak group; tough to take on top off the Aug. layoff, but the price should be square.

Wager: $1tri- 10/2,3,6/2,3,6

Race 7: #1-Wayzata Bay is the class standout, and has enough speed to stay in contact with the leaders.

Wager: $1tri- 1/4,5,6/4,5,6

Recap for Thurs. Dec. 27th-

A scratch, an also ran, and a bet down winner. Main track played much more to speed and the times were markedly faster than the previous day; in fact, Tytus set a new track record for 6 1/2F, in an OClm32n2x.

Meet record: 7/33= 21% Bet: $247.00 Won: $177.90 Loss: $64.10

Thursday, December 27, 2007

SELECTIONS- Thurs. Dec. 27, 2007

Race 4: #1-Thiscatcanscat looks to be the speed here; Mike Dini is live with everything he leads over.

Wager: $5win/place- 1

Race 6: #3-Hail To The Cat has been on the "working well" list for weeks, hopefully he'll fire first off the lay for Ronnie Allen. 10-1 m/l, too.

Wager: $5win/place- 3

Race 8: #2-Prince Nick wheels right back and stretches out for Gerald Bennett. Good looking win last time and taken to repeat.

Wager: $5win/place- 2

Recap for Wed. Dec. 26th

Had both winners but the late scratches in the sixth make that one a wash. Turf is getting firmer, as the final times are improving, but speed is still no good. On the main track, jockeys are trying to be in the 4-5 path to make the winning move. Speed is good in 6F & 8.5F dirt races, and 6.5F & 7F are won by all styles right now.

meet record: 6/31= 19% Bet: $227.00 Won: $158.40 Loss: $68.60

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stats- courtesy of


Avg. Winning Odds: 4.99 - 1
Favorite Win%: 37%// Favorite Itm%: 75%

Quinella: $28.08

Exacta: $115.69

Daily Double: $92.14

Trifecta: $977.02

Pick 3: $560.60

Superfecta: $5154.22

Pick 6: $12789.00

Pick 4: $3165.67

SELECTIONS- Wed. Dec. 26, 2007

Race 6: #8-Manchu Prince continues his slide down the claiming ladder, but his efforts aren't as dismal as they might appear considering who he's been facing. Drops into a winning spot here, with action at the claim box.

Wager: $1tri- 8/1,3,6,9/1,3,6,9

Race 8: #5-Couple Whiles ships in from Remington Park, where Bernie Rhone sends his turf horses after CBY winds down. Good local record, will be flying in the lane.

Wager: $2exa- 5/7,10 & 7,10/5

Recap for Sat. Dec. 22nd

I used to know how to do this. Really.

Meet record: 5/30= 17% Bet: $219.00 Won: $131.40 Loss: $87.60

Saturday, December 22, 2007

SELECTIONS- Sat. Dec. 22, 2007

Race 2: Let's try to beat the likely big favorite #7-Winter Whiskey. Use #1-Keystone Point on the stretchout and #4-Stack Blues off the troubled trip last out.

Race 3: #3-Cherokee Hunter should win this by open lengths at odds-on.

Race 4: #1-My Philly will be forwardly placed, handles the going. #4-Jaunty Gale took to the weeds like a duck to water. #9-Gilded Arrow gets Centeno, looks to repeat. #10-El Bank Robber has faced better, gets Sally the bug; she needs to judge her run well.

Wager: $1pick3- 1,4/3/1,4,9,10

Race 6: #9-Big Red Girl has a good late run, doesn't get up often. Key her.

Wager: $2exa- 9/1,5,7 & 1,5,7/9

Race 7: #10-Early Hatch has a steady work tab for this, class drop is troubling.

Wager: $1tri- 10/1,3,7,8/1,3,7,8

Race 8: #3-Outshine has a big late run, as does #6-Woody's Apache; #9-Da Mullett is interesting at a price.

Wager: $2exa 6/3,9 & 3,9/6

Recap for Fri. Dec. 21st

Overnight rains washed 'em off the turf. Parade of low priced favorites ruled the day. Dubai Gold looks like an astute claim by Mike Dini; he can perform on either surface. Wait for Right Flanker to reappear at 7F with a jock switch, preferably to Tammi Piermarini.

Meet record: 5/26= 19% Bet: $179.00 Won: $131.40 Loss: $47.60

Friday, December 21, 2007

SELECTIONS- Fri. Dec. 21, 2007

Race 4: #9-Peace Emblem is consistent, gets Centeno; will try to hold off #7-Final Prophecy, who drops in class off the July layoff.

Wager: $2exabox- 7/9

Race 5: #7-Ashley And I shows stunning improvement last two; repeat of either wins this for fun. #9-Taupo fits at this level, can stalk and finish.

Wager: $2exabox- 7/9

Race 6: Mike Dini steals a Frankel/Ramsey horse at KEE, shows up here; got my vote-#5-Dubai Gold.

Wager: $1tri-5/2,3,6/2,3,6

Race 7: Rule #1- if you don't bet on Right Flanker(#7) every time he runs at TAM, you'll miss a big price. Having said that, #3-Mr. D'or has done well by me here, looks to be in top form.

Wager: $5win-3 $2exabox- 3/7

Race 8: #7-Remember Shirley tries to wire them under Centeno; #2-Florida Quaker comes running late.

Wager: $2exabox- 2/7

Race 9: #9-Greycliff Exchange has flashed talent, should boss these.

Wager: $5win- 9

Recap for Tues. Dec. 18th

Another 0'fer day; turf is on the soft side of good and speed has no chance there.

meet record: 4/22= 18% Bet: $162 Won: $120.90 Loss: $41.10

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SELECTIONS- Tues. Dec. 18, 2007

Race 6: [moderate pace] #4-Nijinsky Bullet is in terrific form and finishes strongly; will have to hurry to get up at 6 panels.

Wager: $5win/place- 4

Race 7: [moderate pace] #6- Mary Louhana is a filly against the boys, been running in Group/Graded company; trainer has another in here, think this one scratches. #2-Rue D'argent will be closing late for Cibelli/Montalvo.

Wager: $5win- 2

Race 8: [strong pace] #4- Two Seater is a burner, can sit just off the #5-Parisian Pride and blow past in the stretch in this 5F heat.

Wager: $5win- 4

Race 9: [weak pace] #7- Loushe will try to take them all the way under Centeno; would love to get the 8-1 M/l odds- doubt it very much.

Wager: $5win- 7

Race 10: [weak pace] Tough call between the main speed #6-Islandprospectrbob and the stalking #2- Forest Fever, former Pletcher/Evans trainee. At 7F, book says take the stalker.

Wager: $5win- 2

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recap for Sat., Dec. 15, 2007

High percentage trainers win the first ten races, Graham Motion wins two turf races, so naturally my picks went.....0/8. Looking back at the results, I can't believe I couldn't come up with a winner. Spent a lot of time handicapping, too. Some days are just like that I guess. Turf course was good, they had a quarter inch of rain Friday evening that softened it up. Times on the grass were horrendously slow, however. Main track races had slow final fractions, too; haven't investigated the possible "headwind" as yet.

Meet record: 4/18= 22% Bet: $137.00 Won: $120.90 Loss: $16.10

Saturday, December 15, 2007

SELECTIONS- Sat. Dec. 15, 2007

Race 2: [moderate pace] #10-Star Brook has decent early speed, if she can avoid a duel with #6-Apt To Bank she can out class this uninspiring group. Use her over #1-Yes It’s True Shery, #4-Classic Set and #11-Summertime Babe.

Wager: $2exa- 10/1,4,11

Race 3: [strong pace] #6-Sheer Silk likes to stalk and finish; she’ll need to hold off #4-Red Liquor N’ Lace in the lane.

Wager: $5win- 6

Race 4: [weak pace] Hoping that #9-Fall Flower flies under the radar here; she’s shown some speed, so if Proctor has her finally straightened out, even RoHo can’t screw up a front-end turf job. Use over the #1-Belle Waiting, #2-La Corredora and #3-Come From Away, the one they all have to fear from Roy Lerman.

Wager: $2exa- 9/1,2,3

Race 6: [moderate pace] #2-Jeux De Danse looks ultra-tough here, but he ran 9 days ago at Calder and would be claimed by every trainer on the grounds if he goes; figure him to scratch. I like the 11,12 and 13 on the AE list, so it’ll be interesting to see if anyone opts in. I’ll play MOTO here and go with #3-Domenick’s Dune for Kathleen O’Connell and Carlos Montalvo. He fires every time, has the best late close and at this level he should romp; lotsa claim slips this race. Use with #4-Lucky Leo who figures to flash speed and #8-Onotheregoestokyo, because I like the song and the name; oh, and he’s also a closer for the sneaky good turf trainer from Canterbury Downs, Bernie Rhone.

Wager: $4exa- 3/4,8

Race 7: [strong pace] No surprises here; #10-Regent Star can sit just off the leaders and prove best. #2-Back Up Kim, #3-Time Jet and #5-Classic Cracker should slug it out for the early lead. #6-Mr. Guska and #7-Golden Orbit should pick up the pieces.

Wager: $5win- 10 $2exa- 10/6,7

Race 9: [moderate pace] nice race; every horse in here is working lights out. #9-Out Gamble is the best of the speed, with a number of stalkers and closers looking to run him down. #2-Whiskey Lit loves the track and has a powerful late run. #7-Irish Gentleman, #11-Captain Cameron and #12-I’vegottabeme should also be there late.

Wager: $1tri- 2/7,9,11,12/7,9,11,12

Race 10: [strong pace] #4-Lil’s Lassie was a machine here last year; works say she’s ready. Take her to beat this tough bunch prepping for the Minaret Stakes next month.

Wager: $5win- 4

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Recap for Tuesday 12/11/07

Jockeys: newcomers Jose Velez, Jr. and Juan Lopez are getting live mounts, keep an eye on them. Centeno, Montalvo and Gonzalez are still the top dogs, at least until Lezcano finishes up at Calder later this month.

Trainers: Joan Scott sent out first-timer Iron Id in the mile MSW turf, and he was gaining nicely through the stretch. He won't be a maiden long, tab him next out. Other Joan Scott horses to watch this meet: Service Corps (2yo sprints), Green Turtle Cay (3up routes), Skagway (3up routes), Chaik Bay (3up routes), and, on the lawn, Wise River (3up alw) and Fading Light (F3up alw).

meet wagering record: 4/10= 40% Bet: $86.00 Won: $120.90 Profit: $34.90


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SELECTIONS- Tues. Dec. 11, 2007

Race 3- #4-Killarny Township ships in from Jersey working lights out. #9-Fly To Tampa improved markedly 2nd out, should be in the thick of it.

Race 4- #1-Awesome Illusion and #2-Personal Style should duke it out for the lead and the win, but if they knock each other out, #6-Chubby will be there to pick up the pieces.

Race 5- #5-El Gran Tony is the experienced turf runner here, Azpurua brings house jock along. However, never underestimate any Joan Scott horse-#2-Iron Id-first timer with steady works showing.

Wager: $1pick3- 4,9/1,2,6/2,5 [RACES 3-5]

Race 6- #8-Unfolding Wish just looks to be in a different league than these; Kinsman for Dale Bennett. #4-This Smoke Did It and #10-Pyrite Marci look like the best of the rest.

Wager: $5win- 8 $2exa- 8/4,10

Race 7- #1-Delaware Diamond goes for hot connections off the claim, layup. #7-Ohio's Way was runnerup to good-looking opening day winner Prince Cortez last out. #6-Indymine turnsback in distance off a pop and stop at BEL; ignore Ward at your own peril. #10-Preachin' Heat was facing better at Laurel; turnsback with sharp GP move for this.

Race 8- #4-Two Spot Club and #5-Native Dress look like the two best finishers here; hope the #2-Princess Anna Lei needs one off the layoff.

Race 9- #2-John's Song is in terrific form, won at the Spa in July; Vote for Pedro.

Wager: $1tri- 2/3,6,8,10/3,6,8,10 [RACE 9]

Race 10- #3-Lake Egri and #10-Little Paper Boat look like they can stalk and finish in this speed-laden heat.

(edit at 12:15- there is no pick 3 on races 7-9, so we'll try a pick 4 as below)

Wager: $1pick4- 1,6,7,10/4,5/2/3,10 [RACES 7-10]


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Recap of opening day 12/8

The 2nd & the 6th worked out well; totally underestimated the class of the NYRA shipper in the 7th. Should've gone with the "working well" horse in the 9th (Prince Cortez), he looked super in the post parade and has a future. Profitable day saved by just picking the right spots; how often do we wish we'd just done that. You usually know on the first run through if it's a playable race, but it can be tough to "sit it out" under fire. Onwards.

Wins: 2/5= 40% Bet: $41.00 Won: $91.20 Profit: $50.20


Friday, December 7, 2007

SELECTIONS- Sat. Dec. 8, 2007

Not the strongest opening-day card ever, in fact it's disappointing...make some lemonade, I guess:

Race 2: Weak pace setup; only the #3-I’macraftychoice and #10-Jammin’ In The Sand show much early lick; both are working well locally. Hoping that the #1-Keystone Point gets overbet based on the connections (Ziadie/RoHo/Averill). #2-Karakorum Patriot seems to fit at first glance, but the declining speed/pace figures are a big red flag for me. #5-Tallboys Tavern interests me as a close stalker, in good form, but his overall record says to use him underneath. #6-Dance To Life has back class and decent works, but not sure about anything past 6F. That leaves #12-Toast To Monty, a stalker on the turnback, descending the claiming ranks. Look for Mike Allen to gun #3-I’macraftychoice from the gate and hope he can last 7F.

Wager: $2exa- 3/5,12 & 5,12/3

Race 6: Moderate pace setup; #9-Classy And Elusive is the quickest, and drops into a winning spot here. Have to think someone risks a dip into the claim box here. If this horse could finish off a race, she'd be stakes-bound. Take the short price, and use over the #7-Maui's Pager and #12-Just Jeannie.

Wager: $5win- 9 $2exa- 9/7,12

Race 7: weak pace setup; #7-Headline should make the front, with #1-Fire Striker stalking. If #9-Mabou runs a complete race for Tim Ritchey, he could run them down under the turf-challenged RoHo. I'll take a flyer on #4-Robyn Chief, who might get a nice inside trip here; race from 11/04 would win this. #3-Little Dovefeather is the best closer, has AQU,BEL & MTH showing, gets blinkers, has a good local drill, but will take a ton of cash with almost no chance of getting to the wire first; underneath only.

Wager: $1tri- 4/1,3,7,9/1,3,7,9

Race 9: moderate pace setup; If #4-Ivannarun breaks cleanly and gets an open lead he's gone. Take the chalk over #2-Samy Good Luck for Ramos, #3-Type A Personality on the turnback, and #8-Prince Cortez, who is working very well locally for Ronnie Allen.

Wager: $4exa- 4/2,3,8

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New faces for 2007-2008

courtesy of

Some new faces gracing Tampa Bay Downs for the first time include trainer Tim Ritchie, who comes to Tampa after finishing the meet at Delaware Park in the summer months. Ritchie, who finished up the Delaware racing season as fourth leading trainer, says of his decision to run at Tampa, “I had some friends who trained here and they were all very positive, so I decided to bring a string down. It’s a great up-and-coming race track, with a wonderful turf course and a safe surface; that’s something that every trainer looks for. I brought 16 horses, and so far they’re training very well; like I said, the surface is very safe and kind, and all of the horses seem happy.”
Tony Wilson will move his string to Tampa Bay Downs for the first time, as will Patrick Byrne, Mike Catalano and Jim McMullen.
Some riders joining the Tampa Bay Downs jockey colony for the first time include Rosemary Homeister, Jr., and past Tampa Bay Downs leading rider Willie Martinez will move his tack back to the Oldsmar oval. Winston Thompson is also scheduled to return for the 82nd season of live racing. Dean Butler will join fellow riders from a fifth-place finish overall at Canterbury Park, and Luis Rivera, Jr. arrives from New Jersey.

Reduced takeout/Pick 6 added for this meet

courtesy of


OLDSMAR, Fla. (December 4, 2007) Tampa Bay Downs is pleased to announce new reduced takeouts from several of our most popular wagers in order to provide patrons with a more pleasant and lucrative wagering experience. “In keeping with Tampa Bay Downs’ pledge to ensure the best Thoroughbred racing and wagering experience for patrons, we’re continuing to offer reduced takeouts on many of our wagers, including a significant reduction of takeout for Pick 4 wagering,” says Tampa Bay Downs Vice President and General Manager Peter Berube. “We have also added Pick 6 wagering to the menu in our bid to continue to supply a consistently competitive racing product, both at Tampa Bay Downs and to the simulcast networks throughout the country.”
The takeout for Pick 4 wagering has been substantially reduced, from 25% to 20%, giving patrons an added incentive to try their hands at exotic wagering; win, place and show wagers has been reduced to 17 ½ from last year’s 18%. Similarly, the Pick 3 takeout has been reduced from 21 ½% to 20%.
In lieu of the Twin Tri, the Oldsmar oval will for the first time offer fans Pick 6 wagering. Patrons will be able to place wagers on the last six races on each day’s card; for example, on a ten-race program, races 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 would be eligible for Pick 6 play. Likewise, Pick Four wagers will be available on the last four races of the day: on a ten-race card, races 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be the designated Pick 4 races.
Tampa Bay Downs will open for live racing on Saturday, December 8, 2007. The Opening Day card will be headlined by the Lightning City Stakes, a test for fillies and mares three years old and upwards travelling about five furlongs on the lawn.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Leading Trainers by wins 2006-2007

Leading Trainers at Tampa Bay Downs
Starting Date: 12/09/2006
Ending Date: 05/06/2007

Jamie Ness 32% 62%
Lynne M. Scace 22% 50%
Gerald S. Bennett 19% 55%
Thomas F. Proctor 35% 61%
Dale Bennett 28% 71%
Kirk Ziadie 28% 65%
Jane Cibelli 22% 53%
Rafael Ramos 19% 47%
Javier Contreras 18% 50%
Michael Zwiesler 41% 68%
Rick Slomkowski 29% 58%
Bernell B. Rhone 14% 44%
Joan Scott 23% 38%

Leading Jockeys by wins 2006-2007

Leading Jockeys at Tampa Bay Downs
Starting Date: 12/09/2006
Ending Date: 05/06/2007

Daniel Centeno 21% 125 $1,667,752
Luis Antonio Gonzalez 15% 88 $1,190,253
Carlos Montalvo 18% 83 $1,116,800
Jose Lezcano 27% 81 $1,255,313
Jesse Jimenez Garcia 16% 53 $699,636
Huber Villa-Gomez 15% 42 $527,939
Jose R. Martinez, Jr. 11% 33 $560,688
Tammi Piermarini 11% 31 $392,990
Vernon Bush 8% 28 $431,131
Irwin J. Rosendo 12% 28 $334,235
Jose C. Ferrer 17% 26 $339,208
Martin Escobar 8% 23 $364,149

Sunday, December 2, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Sun. Dec. 2nd:
  • Due East 36.60 B
  • Bucky's Prayer 48.40 Bg
  • Dee's Rose 48.20 B
  • Irish Red 49.00 B
  • Native Match 49.00 Bg
  • All I Can Get 1:00.40 B
  • Queen's Crumpets 1:01.60 B
  • Wayzata Bay 1:14.00 B

Saturday, December 1, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Sat. Dec. 1st:
  • Inhonorofjohnnie 36.20 B
  • Pitchnicholas 36.20 B
  • Commander Bay 48.00 B
  • He's Hammered 47.80 B
  • Service Corps 48.60 B
  • West Texas 48.60 B
  • Formal Arrangement 1:02.00 B
  • L's Lightning 1:01.80 B
  • Out Gamble 1:01.60 B
  • Taupo 1:02.60 B
  • Trainee 1:02.80 B
  • Prince Cortez 1:15.60 Bg

Friday, November 30, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Fri. Nov. 30th:
  • Irish Ballerina 36.40 B
  • Holy Helen 48.20 B
  • Louve Sauvage 49.20 B
  • Galaxy Tax 49.00 B
  • Bikini Atoll 1:01.80 Bg
  • Chic Cat 1:01.60 B
  • Lil's Lassie 1:01.40 Bg
  • Whiskey Lit 1:00.60 B
  • Whisper A Tune 1:16.20 B
  • Sir Swervalot 1:45.00 B

Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Thurs. Nov. 29th:
  • Beauty Of The Night 35.80 B
  • Dinner In Odem 36.60 B
  • Hit Another Gear 49.60 B
  • Tiger Like 48.80 B
  • Hail To The Cat 1:01.00 B
  • I'macraftychoice 1:01.00 B

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Wed. Nov. 28th:
  • Stag Dance 36.40 B
  • Captain Cameron 48.00 B
  • Ms. Cimmaron 49.20 B
  • Strange But True 49.00 B
  • Brome 1:01.00 B
  • Banyan Street 1:01.80 B

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Tues. Nov. 27th:
  • Summertime Babe 36.00 B
  • Cabbage Key 38.00 B
  • Heaven's Flame 49.00 B
  • Powerful Pic 49.20 B
  • Afleet Pardner 1:02.00 B
  • Lucky Encounter 1:02.20 Bg

Monday, November 26, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Mon. Nov. 26th:
  • Florida Quaker 36.20 B
  • Ponche's Solo 49.00 B
  • Potomac Manor 49.40 B
  • Sophie's Crown 47.20 B
  • Irish Gentleman 1:02.60 B
  • Sun. Nov. 25th:
  • Sweetsouthernstar 36.20 B
  • Carrtune Express 36.20 B
  • Headline 48.40 B
  • Secret Lies 48.00 B
  • Trainee 1:01.20 B
  • Prince Cortez 1:02.00 B

Sunday, November 25, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Sat. Nov. 24th:
  • Little Paper Boat 36.00 B
  • Demagoguery 48.00 B
  • Fast Hand 48.20 B
  • Inhonorofjohnnie 49.00 B
  • The Lady Waffles 49.60 B
  • Jammin In The Sand 1:02.80 B

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Bucky's Prayer 36.40 B
  • Dirtymoposse 48.80 B
  • War Storm 48.00 B
  • Lil's Lassie 1:01.20 B
  • Bikini Atoll 1:00.80 B

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

On the worktab...

  • Tues. Nov. 20th:
  • A Little Halo Joy 36.80 B
  • All I Can Get 34.60 B
  • L's Lightning 35.40 B
  • Mon. Nov. 19th:
  • Trainee 48.00 B
  • Whiskey Lit 1:00.60 B

Friday, November 9, 2007

2007-2008 Condition Book #1

2007-2008 Stakes Schedule

Leading Jockeys by wins 2006-2007

Leading Jockeys at Tampa Bay Downs
Starting Date: 12/09/2006
Ending Date: 05/06/2007

Daniel Centeno 21% 125 $1,667,752
Luis Antonio Gonzalez 15% 88 $1,190,253
Carlos Montalvo 18% 83 $1,116,800
Jose Lezcano 27% 81 $1,255,313
Jesse Jimenez Garcia 16% 53 $699,636
Huber Villa-Gomez 15% 42 $527,939
Jose R. Martinez, Jr. 11% 33 $560,688
Tammi Piermarini 11% 31 $392,990
Vernon Bush 8% 28 $431,131
Irwin J. Rosendo 12% 28 $334,235
Jose C. Ferrer 17% 26 $339,208
Martin Escobar 8% 23 $364,149

Leading trainers by wins 2006-2007

Leading Trainers at Tampa Bay Downs
Starting Date: 12/09/2006
Ending Date: 05/06/2007

Jamie Ness 32% 62%
Lynne M. Scace 22% 50%
Gerald S. Bennett 19% 55%
Thomas F. Proctor 35% 61%
Dale Bennett 28% 71%
Kirk Ziadie 28% 65%
Jane Cibelli 22% 53%
Rafael Ramos 19% 47%
Javier Contreras 18% 50%
Michael Zwiesler 41% 68%
Rick Slomkowski 29% 58%
Bernell B. Rhone 14% 44%
Joan Scott 23% 38%

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome mat

Thanks for stopping by. The goal of this blog is to increase awareness of the other "winter track" in Florida, Tampa Bay Downs. I hope to provide you with all the tools and insights you'll need to play this oval successfully. Tampa Bay is the great melting pot, bringing together stables from Massachusettes to Minnesota, Illinois to Kentucky, Delaware to West Virginia, as well as New York and, of course, Florida. Once you learn the players and get to know their barns, and how they operate, you'll find this to be as competitive a group as any circuit you currently follow. Before the meet opens (Dec. 8) I'll post lists of trainers and jockeys, the stakes schedule, and a link to the first condition book, so you can get a feel for the place. Welcome aboard!

In the winner's circle...

In the winner's circle...
@ Belmont Park

Student Of The Horse

Student Of The Horse