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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SELECTIONS- Wed., Dec. 31, 2008

Race 1: #4- Roaring River (7-2) looks the best of this sorry lot, repeat of his last should be good enough.

Race 2: #1- Real Conquest (9-2), #3- Crystal Dreams (5-2), and #9- Val's Gold (8-1) each have angles that could be succesful in this crapshoot (layoff trainer/turf-to-dirt dropdown turnback/speed jockey, works).

$3dbl- 4/1,3,9

Race 5: If #5- One Dixie (5-1) isn't for real, then #3- Orozco (5-2) wins right back for the hot Lonnie Arterburn barn.

$5win- 3

Race 6: Hoping that the #8- Juicy Point (7-5) gets overbet off the huge drop, long layoff; will try #6- Hungarian Gent (5-1) again, racing right back on the stretchout .

$4w/p- 6

Race 7: Wide open turf event; let's try #9- Greycliff Exchange (7-2) under Willie Martinez, has tactical speed and is usually right there at the end.

$1tri- 9/5,6,7/1,3,5,6,7

Race 9: #8- Bamboo will be ready for Joan Scott, is she fast enough?

$5win- 8

Results for Tues., Dec. 30th-

The favorites were much the best, drawing off easily as Phaleonopsis could not mount a rally, and This Is My Game trailed; turf course times have been very slow this season, despite firm conditions and no rain to speak of; wish I could figure it out.

Meet record: 10/50= 20% Bet: $423.00 Won: $252.30 Loss: -$170.70

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Dec. 30, 2008

Race 5: #2- Glen Wilding (3-1) will probably be favored here off the recent fine form and Centeno up; there seems to be a lot of early speed signed up in this turf mile, so I'll try for the upset with #6- Phaleonopsis (8-1), who has been facing some good ones over at Calder; Fawkes sends them here with a purpose, Leyva is the hot rider lately.

$5win- 6 $4exa- 6/2,9,10

Race 9: #5- This Is My Game (7-2) was soundly beaten by likely fave #2- Allie's Event (2-1) last out at CD, but has shown improved early position with the blinkers on; working lights out here, maybe Proctor has finally figured out this half-brother to stakes-winner Trainee.

$5win- 5 $2exabox- 2,5,8

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Results for Sat., Dec. 27th-

Caught six consecutive doubles, but they were all chalky as favorites/ 2nd choices dominated the day. Joan Scott had a winner for the second day in a row, winning the Sandpiper Stakes with Dr. Zic; have I mentioned before that she's a pretty good trainer? Top Seed won the Inaugural Stakes for Michael Trombetta; son of Grand Slam is now 3 for 3 and looks like he could stretch out nicely.

Racing resumes Tuesday 12/30.

Meet record: 10/46= 22% Bet: $389.00 Won: $252.30 Loss: -$136.70

SELECTIONS- Sat., Dec. 27, 2008

All eleven races today are for 2yos- Cotillion Festival Day.

todays picks- $2 rolling doubles each race (1-10)

R1- #5- Diamond Jack Black (5-2)//#3- Lincoln Imp (12-1)

R2- #5- Saintly Miss (6-1)// #9- Nomudondehere (6-1)

R3- #8- SCRATCHED// #9- Comitatus (3-1)

R4- #1- Abuela (8-1)// #9- Whisperer (7-2)

R5- #2- Smoken Dreams (3-1)// #8- R Brown Sugar (2-1)

R6- #1- Cary Away (5-2)// #5- Royale (3-1)

***Cary Away is a half-brother to Congaree; Royale is a half to Mystic Lady.

R7- #2- Dr. Zic (4-1)// #10- Sunday In Malibu (7-2)

R8- #7- Mothers Eyes (8-1)// #9- Megachurch (8-5)

R9- #6- Rock Candy (4-1)// #8- Wink At The Boys (8-1)

R10- #4- Miles And Miles (10-1)// #12- Top Seed (3-1)

R11- #3- Phoenix Hotel (4-1)// #8- Glory Charge (8-1)

Results for Fri., Dec. 26th-

"working well, in today..."

race 6: SMART PARTNER (8th at 13-1)

race 8: Queen Maddie (7th at 11-1), Untouched (3rd at 3-1)

race 9: Gallant Lover (7th at 61-1), Therecomesatiger (4th at 7-2)

Only Zip Trick got it done for me in the seventh, drawing off smartly for the win. Joan Scott trained Iron Id also won impressively on the grass. Juan Leyva was the riding star of the day, bringing three to the winner's circle. Keep an eye on this guy.

Meet record: 4/36= 11% Bet: $317.00 Won: $140.30 Loss: -$176.70

Friday, December 26, 2008

SELECTIONS- Fri., Dec. 26, 2008

"working well, in today..."

race 6: SMART PARTNER (12-1)

race 8: Queen Maddie (4-1), Untouched (5-2)

race 9: Gallant Lover (20-1), Therecomesatiger (3-1)

today's picks will be somewhat in real-time format, having the day off allows wagering from home via

Race 1: $2DD- 7/2,6

Race 5: #1- He Struck It Rich (2-1) stretches out to two turns after running against much better turf sprinting maidens in NY; appears to be the lone speed for Kimmel/Velez, Jr.
#6- Caravel (7-2) makes his first start since Feb. when under the care of Bill Mott; nice worktab at Tam, has some speed, but would expect a stalking run today; note the close up finishes, as a 2yo, to Why Tonto and Sailor's Cap.
#8- Iron Id (5-2) ships in from Ky. for Joan Scott off a decent third; expect a good late run from him today.
#9- Irene's Irish Kid (4-1) tries the lawn for the first time under leading rider Daniel Centeno; gray son of Lemon Drop Kid had an excellent work at Palm Meadows and should make a good showing from an outside post.

$1tri- 1/6,7,8,9/6,7,8,9 $2exa- 6/1,8,9

Race 6: #2- Fort Knox (5-2) will be winging it out front; if he can hold his rail position he can take them a long way. Never out of the money here. #8- Unbridled Behavior (4-1) will see them all early, may run by them late. #1- Rahoo looks for his third straight, at this distance, will be stalking the leaders.

$5exabox- 2,8

Race 7: #2- Zip Trick (3-1) found her home on the turf, was stakes-placed three back; Leyva needs to keep her in touch with the leaders and save all the ground.

$5w- 2 $1tri- 2/3,4,5,6/3,4,5,6

Race 8: $1pick3- 2/3,5,6,10,12/5,9

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Leading Jockeys through Dec. 23rd-

Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings

Daniel Centeno
25 8 3 4 $95,692

Luis Antonio Gonzalez
34 8 3 4 $68,083

Rosemary B. Homeister, Jr.
33 7 3 7 $74,952

Ronald Dale Allen, Jr.
35 6 5 4 $84,210

Pascacio Lopez
26 5 5 6 $67,621

Phil Teator
21 3 2 0 $27,685

Carlos Montalvo
23 3 1 4 $36,009

Juan C. Leyva
21 3 1 3 $29,115

Felix L. Ortiz
15 3 1 1 $29,166

Federico Mata
11 2 3 0 $22,391

Mike Allen
14 2 1 3 $18,870

James Lopez
20 2 1 0 $19,392

Carlos M. Cruz
10 2 0 1 $27,654

Filemon T. Rodriguez
12 2 0 1 $13,428

Huber Villa-Gomez
24 1 7 1 $27,682

Willie Martinez
14 1 5 1 $31,922

Andrew R. Ramgeet
20 1 4 1 $25,299

Dean P. Butler
14 1 2 1 $40,265

David D. Amiss
18 1 2 1 $13,484

Yamil Rosario
10 1 1 0 $15,832

Leading trainers through Dec. 23rd-

Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings

Lynne M. Scace
9 5 1 0 $45,488

Kirk Ziadie
7 4 1 1 $39,390

Thomas F. Proctor
11 3 1 1 $31,734

Barbara I. McBride
11 3 1 0 $32,104

Gregory A. Griffith
12 3 0 2 $27,296

Jamie Ness
8 2 2 1 $19,565

Gary R. Caple
4 2 1 0 $15,791

Forrest Kaelin
8 2 1 0 $15,587

Gerald S. Bennett
10 2 0 3 $20,003

Samuel F. Cronk
6 2 0 2 $12,450

Jane Cibelli
8 2 0 1 $25,610

Benny R. Feliciano
3 2 0 1 $21,370

Roy S. Lerman
6 2 0 1 $19,788

Lonnie Arterburn
4 2 0 0 $11,647

Results for Tues., Dec. 23rd-

"working well, in today..."

race 2: #6- Magic Carpet Glide (3rd at 7-2)

race 7: #8- Pinch The Clown (10th at 23-1)

0/2 on the day, as in race 5, Alabama Grace could offer only a mild rally while Meadow Saffron and RoHo stole the race wire to wire. In the 9th, Djeddah showed nothing, finishing a dull 8th.

Meet record: 3/29= 10% Bet: $258.00 Won: $121.30 Loss: -$136.70

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Dec. 23, 2008

"working well, in today..."

race 2: #6- Magic Carpet Glide (9-2)

race 7: #8- Pinch The Clown (15-1)

today's picks-

Race 5: #7- Alabama Grace (7-2) ships over for Michael Matz, and we can only dream about getting the m/l odds with Centeno aboard; still, she looks better than the m/l fave #8- Kaleigh Rose, who should have broken her maiden by now.

$4exa- 7/2,5,8

Race 7: I'd be very surprised if Danny Vella runs the #7- Sir Blitz here, dropping him four classes just to get a victory, or the #11- Crackenthorpe, the first AE; conditional play assuming they scratch. #1- Divine Wonder (5-1) has positional speed, drops in here off some even finishes against much better, saves all the ground under Ronnie Allen, Jr.

$1tri- 1/2,6,10/2,4,6,8,10

Race 9: #8- Djeddah (7-2) has a potent late run, and there is ample speed entered today; needs to hurry under Willie Martinez; note local drill on the 13th.

$5w/p- 8

Results for Sat., Dec. 20th-

"working well, in today..."

race 2: Tax And Spend (2nd at 5-2)

race 9: Pyrite Springs (won, paid $18.80)

Another 0/6 day, especially painful as Baron Von Tap wired the field in the 10th with the other speed scratched, topping two that I liked for a $550+ triple. Ooof.

Meet record: 3/27= 11% Bet: $236.00 Won: $121.30 Loss: -$114.70

Saturday, December 20, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sat., Dec. 20, 2008

"working well, in today..."

race 3: #2- Tax And Spend (3-1)

race 9: #9- Pyrite Springs (8-1)

today's picks-

Race 1: #1- Storming Carson (6-1) comes off a brief freshening and has good speed; #2- Mauvais' Coyote (2-1) the one to beat.

Race 2: #2- La Soldadita (5-1) is in career form right now; #3- Pepperup Potion (6-1) drops off the long layoff for Ernest Oare, who popped one the other day; Gonzalez takes the call.

$3dbl- 1,2/2,3

Race 3: #8- Turtle Bay (5-2) makes third career start a winning one for Zweisler/Montalvo.

$5w- 8

Race 5: #6- Wap (3-1) comes off a short layoff for Offut/Evans and Centeno takes the mount; should be along in time.

$5exa- 6/5,7

Race 6: #1- Hungarian Gent (8-1) broke his maiden first asking at this track, distance; hope the price holds.

$5w- 1

Race 8: Been chasing #10- Ballymore Lady (5-2) all summer and fall, missing out on the alw win at KEE. Redemption time as Centeno saddles up on this closer in a race packed with early speed.

$1tri- 10/3,5,6,7/3,5,6,7

Race 10: #9- El Sultry Sun has done little wrong in his short career, on firm turf. Won the Sophomore Turf here in April with an impressive burst, taken to repeat with Velez up for John Kimmel.

$1 tri- 9/3,4,5,7/3,4,5,7

Results for Fri., Dec. 19th-

"working well, in today..."

race 3: #2- Juicy Loots (2nd at 7-1)

race 5: #6- Smart Clemmie (4th at 7-2), #9- Smart Rose (7th at 6-1)

race 6: #5- Beijing House (7th at 6-1)

race 7: #2- Between Us (10th at 3-1)

race 8: #1- Bernie Blue (2nd at 3-5), #7- Man In Grey (7th at 6-1), #8- Riversrunrylee (8th at 5-1)

Pitiful performance with the picks going 0-6, and the one horse to watch only, not bet, airs at 10-1. On The Vineyard looked great warming up, imposing physical specimen like his dad Lite The Fuse. He sat just off the speed duel, moved early on the turn and ran right by them, including the tough veteran sprinter Bernie Blue. If he is past whatever ailments put his career on hold, he will be fun to watch. Lynne Scace is a fine horsewoman, by the way.

Meet record: 3/21= 14% Bet: $180.00 Won: $121.30 Loss: -$58.70

Friday, December 19, 2008

SELECTIONS- Fri., Dec.19, 2008

"working well, in today..."

race 3: #2- Juicy Loots (12-1)

race 5: #6- Smart Clemmie (6-1), #9- Smart Rose (7-2)

race 6: #5- Beijing House (6-1)

race 7: #2- Between Us (3-1)

race 8: #1- Bernie Blue (2-1), #7- Man In Grey (3-1), #8- Riversrunrylee (6-1)

Today's picks-

Race 2: #6- Diligent Won (9-2), #7- River Rock Mombo (8-1), and #8- Imarealguy (7-2) offer good form and lesser known connections; box 'em for a nice price.

$2exabox- 6,7,8

Race 3: #2- Juicy Loots (15-1) is a quick filly; if she can outsprint the others early she could be long gone; take the price but don't expect the m/l number.

$5w- 2

Race 5: Run to the windows to bet #6- Smart Clemmie (6-1) for Jane Cibelli/Luis Gonzalez. Has a strong late run and there should be a solid pace here.

$5w/p- 6

Race 6: Run back to the windows, take the rubber band off the bankroll, and bet #5- Beijing House (6-1); then, hold your breath and hope Luis Garcia can harness his speed.

$5w- 5

Race 7: #2- Between Us (3-1) has the "even" sprint run I like to see before a horse goes to a first-turf route; trainer is very good at this.

$5w- 2

Race 8: #6- On The Vineyard has good early speed, loved it here as a 2yo. But the most important thing about this horse is that he's a half-brother to this year's Hopeful (GI) winner Vineyard Haven, who was purchased from Lynne Scace by Bobby Frankel. Tough comeback spot so watch and learn.

no bet

Race 9: Let's see if #5- Our Cat (3-1) can get things rolling for jockey Jose Velez, Jr.

$1tri- 5/2,7,8,9/2,7,8,9

Race 1:

Race 5:

Race 6:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Results for Thurs., Dec. 18th-

"working well, in today..."

Race 7: #11- Spikeavellian (5th at 11-1)

Race 8: #3- Toy Too (8th at 68-1)

Race 9: #4- Chic Cat (3rd at 9-1)

Mill Point was steadied along the inside waiting for room, gained ground late to miss by a head and two necks. Spikeavellian ran an even 5th in a disappointing effort. Excellent Rate was all out under Centeno for the win; exacta returned $49 for $2. In the 9th, Celine was a popular winner for the talented turf trainer Leigh Delacour; could only catch first, second and fourth with the tri wager.

Congratulations to Rosemary Homeister on winning the 7th race with Rustyshouldrun for her 2000th career victory. Now she needs to stop beating me when I don't bet her, and giving me a good ride when I do. Thanks.

Meet record: 3/15= 20% Bet: $131.00 Won: $121.30 Loss: -$9.70

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Dec. 18, 2008

"working well, in today..."

Race 7: #11- Spikeavellian (10-1)

Race 8: #3- Toy Too (15-1)

Race 9: #4- Chic Cat (8-1)

Today's picks-

Race 5: #5- Mill Point (12-1) has the most upside of these, other than the Catienus FTS (Unbridled's Cat), has reasonable turf breeding and has been working here with a purpose since November.

$5 w/p- 5

Race 7: #4- Demagoguery (4-1) drops to the bottom and should take much of the wagering action; let's try #11- Spikeavellian (10-1), who has been working well and reunites with Dean Butler; distance hits him right between the eyes.

$5 w/p- 11

Race 8: #10- Excellent Rate (4-1) has good early speed, needs a smart ride from Centeno from the outside post.

$3exa- 10/4,6,8

Race 9: #1- Celine (5-2) has an admirable turf record, and shows the will to win; Leigh Offutt (Delacour) is an excellent grass conditioner; Centeno will suppress the odds but she appears to be the most likely winner.

$1tri- 1/2,6,7,8/2,6,7,8

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Results for Wed., Dec.17th-

"working well, in today"

Race 6: The Lady Waffles (2nd at 5-1)

Stormy Deeds got 2nd after a wide trip throughout. Brave And Skillful closed strongly but ran out of ground; tab back at 7F or two turns. C B T Snakeye pressed the pace and faded badly in what looked more like a conditioning race than a win attempt.

The Lady Waffles set a reasonable pace, then just failed to last in a strong effort.

Meet record: 2/11= 18% Bet: $90.00 Won: $47.80 Loss: $42.20

SELECTIONS- Wed., Dec. 17, 2008

"working well, in today..."

Race 6: #4-The Lady Waffles

Today's picks-

Race 3: #9-Stormy Deeds (8-1) is a consistent closer in a field chock full of early lick; gets Paco Lopez back in the irons.

$5 w/p- 9

Race 5: #9-Brave And Skillful (6-1) drops back to a sprint and has the fake "class rise" move (running for 10k, dropped last time to 5k, now up to 8k); draws Dean Butler to ride and has a decent local drill for his first TAM start.

$5 w/p- 9

Race 6: #9- C B T Snakeye (5-2) ships in from the Kentucky circuit where he was facing superior competition; should be forwardly placed, can lead or stalk.

$1 tri- 9/2,3,4,10/2,3,4,10

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Results for Sat., Dec. 13th-

From the "working well" list, in today:

Race 3: #5- Edopapas Ekepapas (won, $4.80)

Race 4: #8- Little Lovely (5th at 8-1)
#10- State Treasure (3rd at 5-2)

Race 5: #5- Heartaches (3rd at 7-2)

Race 7: #14- Noble Austin (AE) (scratched)

Race 8: #5- Magic Carpet Glide (7th at 26-1)

Race 9: #4- Lil's Lassie (8th at 5-1)

Race 10: #3- Message Of A Myth (7th at 41-1)
#4- Game N Laughin' (won, $61.40)

Enjoyable opening day with full fields, almost no scratches, firm turf, and an assortment of winning mutuels ($3.20 to $72.20). Dream Rush may have lost a step but showed her class in handling a decent field of sprinters; she could point to the First Lady(GIII) at Gulfstream on Jan. 14th from here, but it would be nice to see her back here for the Minaret Stakes in three weeks if she's not up to graded company.

Game N Laughin' was all hickory in the feature, dueling veteran Charlie Papa every step of the way, then holding off the furious late rush of Team Valor's GII winner Jazzy for a neck victory.

Roy Lerman snuck one past me in the finale as his homebred Sticky Wicket was along in time for a one length score under Phil Teator. The winner's sire is Safe In The U.S.A., a Lambholm South stallion with an awesome pedigree (Gone West x Safely Kept):

Lambholm has a sponsoring agreement with TBD this season (their name is on the starting gate) so look for them to make some noise this year. Read more about them here:

Racing resumes Wednesday at 12:25pm...see you then.

Meet record: 1/8= 13% Bet: $58.00 Won: $36.80 Loss: -$21.20

Friday, December 12, 2008

SELECTIONS- Opening day, Sat., Dec. 13, 2008

Race 1: #2- King Glacken has been closing consistently at Calder going two turns, should be along in time here on the turnback.

$4exa- 2/4,8

Race 3: #5- Edopapas Ekepaps has been outworking every horse on the grounds, needs to gun for the front and bottom out the field.

$4exa- 5/6,8

Race 4: #8- Little Lovely ran evenly after hitting the gate on the break, seemed to wake up on the lawn; Montalvo sticks.

$5w/p- 8

Race 6: **BEST BET** #2- Palace Cat faced much better in NY this summer, drops back to sprint for trainer who excels in this situation, and has a special liking for this sire; blowout on the 9th says yes.

$5w- 2 $2exa- 2,6

Race 7: #5- Onotheregostokyo always steps up here, meets a less than stellar group today.

$2exa- 5/1,7 & 1,7/5

Race 9: Local prep for the Minaret Stakes features GI winner Dream Rush, local stars Lil's Lassie and Taylor Madison; I'll take a flyer here with Sam Cronk's #5- D Day, strong finisher turning back to six panels. Needs a heady ride from my nemesis RoHo.

$1tri- 5/1,4,6,7/1,4,6,7

Race 10: Rule 1A- Linda Rice/turf sprint.

$5win- 9

Good luck with all your plays today!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sam F. Davis gets Graded status!


OLDSMAR, Fla. (November 24, 2008) Tampa Bay Downs was pleased to receive the news today that the American Graded Stakes Committee has awarded the $225,000 Sam F. Davis Stakes a Grade III status. The Sam F. Davis, to be run on February 14, 2009, has become an important stop on the road to the Kentucky Derby, and past participants include such horses as Smooth Air, Any Given Saturday, and Bluegrass Cat.

Peter Berube, Vice President and General Manager of Tampa Bay Downs, said of the grading, “I am very pleased by the Graded Stakes Committee’s decision, as the Sam F. Davis has become an integral part of the Tampa Bay Downs stakes program. “ Berube continued, “Tampa Bay Downs now offers five graded stakes with the addition of the Sam F. Davis Stakes, which joins the Grade III $150,000 Endeavour Breeders’ Cup, the Grade III $175,000 Hillsborough Stakes, $200,000 Florida Oaks, and the Grade III $300,000 Tampa Bay Derby.”

Allison DeLuca, Racing Secretary at Tampa Bay Downs, added, “With the grading of the Sam F. Davis Stakes, I’m pleased to give horsemen an added incentive to race their Kentucky Derby hopefuls here.” DeLuca went on, “The Sam F. Davis Stakes is one of the highlights of the Tampa Bay Downs stakes program, and the fans that come out for Festival Preview Day really enjoy the chance to get to see these horses as they develop into nationally recognizable names.”

The Tampa Bay Downs stakes schedule encompasses 26 races with more than $2.7 million in purse money, which is kicked off on December 13’s Opening Day with the $65,000 Lightning City Stakes, a five furlong turf test for fillies and mares three years old and up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

December racing schedule & first condition book

Sat., Dec. 13

Wed., Dec.17- Sat., Dec. 20

Tue., Dec. 23

Fri., Dec. 26- Sat., Dec. 27

Tue., Dec. 30- Wed., Dec. 31

Monday, September 29, 2008

2008-2009 Tampa Bay Downs changes and information

OLDSMAR, Fla. (September 25, 2008) A record-high $2.7* million stakes program for the 2008-2009 meet at Tampa Bay Downs includes a purse increase for one of the track’s key Kentucky Derby prep races, the Sam F. Davis Stakes. The Sam F. Davis Stakes, a 1 1/16 miles main track event for three-year-olds, now carries a $225,000 purse and is the featured event on Festival Preview Day, February 14, 2009. It is joined on the Festival Preview Day card by both the $150,000 Grade III Endeavour Breeders’ Cup for older fillies and mares racing about 1 1/16 miles on the turf and the seven furlong $75,000 Suncoast Stakes for fillies three years old. For a complete listing of the Tampa Bay Downs 2008-2009 stakes schedule, please click here.

Alison DeLuca, Racing Secretary at Tampa Bay Downs, commented, “The Sam F. Davis Stakes is an important stop for horses emerging onto the Triple Crown trail, and I’m pleased to give horsemen an added incentive to race their Kentucky Derby hopefuls here.” DeLuca continued, “The Sam F. Davis Stakes is one of the highlights of the Tampa Bay Downs stakes program, and over the years we’ve had such national performers as Smooth Air, Any Given Saturday and Bluegrass Cat compete in the race. I think that the fans that come out for Festival Preview Day really enjoy the chance to get to see these horses as they develop into nationally recognizable names.”

Tampa Bay Downs Vice President and General Manager Peter Berube added, “Each year, where it’s warranted, we try to increase the value of key stakes races to help us maintain or receive Graded status on deserving races. This year we are cautiously optimistic that the Sam F. Davis will be favorably evaluated.”

The Tampa Bay Downs stakes program also includes Festival Day, to be held on Saturday, March 14, 2009. Festival Day is comprised of the Grade III Tampa Bay Derby for three-year-olds running 1 1/16 miles on the main track. A traditional stepping stone on the road to the Triple Crown, the Tampa Bay Derby has a $300,000 purse. The Festival Day card also includes the Grade III $200,000 Florida Oaks for 3-year-old fillies, the Grade III $175,000 Hillsborough Stakes on the turf for older fillies and mares (which was captured last year by the 2006 Juvenile Filly Champion Dreaming of Anna) and the $75,000 Turf Dash to comprise the track’s premier day of racing, which drew a record 12,746 fans in 2008.

Festival Day and Festival Preview Day are two of five multi-stakes Saturdays in the upcoming 94-day meet, which opens Dec. 13 with the $65,000 Lightning City Stakes for fillies and mares three years old and upward. Saturday, December 27 marks the second anniversary of Cotillion Festival Day, a full day of two-year-old racing at a variety of distances and conditions on both turf and main track which features both the $65,000 Sandpiper Stakes for fillies and the $65,000 Inaugural Stakes for colts and geldings.

Skyway Festival Day will be held on January 17, 2009 and is highlighted by the $65,000 Gasparilla Stakes for three-year-old fillies and the $75,000 Pasco Stakes for three-year-old colts and geldings. April 4 is Tampa Bay Downs’ seventh-annual Florida Cup Day, a showcase for Florida-bred horses. Florida Cup Day will feature six $85,000 stakes at a variety of distances and surfaces for males and females alike. On May 2, Kentucky Derby Day, Tampa Bay Dows wraps up its stakes schedule with the running of the $75,000 Chris Thomas Turf Classic.

Tampa Bay Downs wishes to thank Lorraine King and Robert Clark, both of whom retired prior to Oldsmar oval’s 83rd season; Mrs. King and Mr. Clark are both 30-year veterans of the Oldsmar oval. Tampa Bay Downs Vice President and General Manager Peter Berube remarked, “Mrs. King began her career here as Track Controller. She ascended to the position of General Manager in 1986, completing the only all-female non-related ownership and management team at a racetrack in at that time. Subsequently, Mrs. King took up a position as the Vice President of Administration, and retired after the end of the recently concluded meet.”

Berube continued, “Robert Clark began as the Claims Clerk at Tampa Bay Downs and served the majority of his career here as Racing Secretary. In his tenure, he guided the track through many improvements including the installation of our turf course as well as the grading of the Tampa Bay Derby and the Hillsborough Stakes. For the last two years, Mr. Clark has worked as a Track Steward, and his knowledge of the racing industry was an invaluable contribution to all horsemen racing here in that time period. Both Mrs. King and Mr. Clark will be missed here at Tampa Bay Downs, and their contributions have been inestimable to the track for the last 30 years. We wish them a very happy and well-deserved retirement.”

Stall Applications are now available online at and at racing and HBPA Offices nationwide. The 2008-2009 Tampa Bay Downs Stall Application includes the Oldsmar oval’s new policy regarding toe grabs and steroids. Following the recommendation of the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Safety Committee, toe grabs with a height greater than two millimeters (.07874 inches) on front horseshoes will be banned from all horse racing and training effective on the first day of training, November 14, 2008; Tampa Bay Downs furthermore eliminates bends, caulks, stickers or any other traction device on front shoes.

The State of Florida is also in preliminary plans to begin testing for androgenic anabolic steroids by January 1, 2009; therefore Tampa Bay Downs recommends to all trainers and veterinarians that they discontinue the administration of anabolic androgenic steroids by December 1, 2008 to allow for the elimination of these agents in the horse’s system prior to the January 1, 2009 deadline. Please refer to the model rule from the State of Florida. Furthermore, Tampa Bay Downs reserves the right to comprehensively test any entered horse that races at Tampa Bay Downs at any time for prohibited substances as per Florida Statute. Stall Applications are due September 30, the Barn Area opens November 13 and the first day of training will be November 14, 2008.

*Please note that the supplemental Breeders’ Cup money allotted to the Grade IIII Endeavour Breeders’ Cup and the Tampa Bay Breeders’ Cup is pending the Breeders’ Cup board’s approval.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SELECTIONS- Wed., March 26, 2008

Race 5: #1-Twinbucktu shipped in for a good 2nd in a Tampa key race two back, then raced at GP last time and ran evenly. Three works since last, but not sure about the 3 week gap after the GP race; also, note that Centeno is on the #3-horse this time. #3-Majestic Albert goes out for 1-for-56 trainer Walt Bernhart, but Centeno's presence and the Mar. 19 Ocala breeze say that this horse is ready. Chaotic after those two standouts, so a super is in order.

Wager: $0.30superfecta- 3/1,6,7,9/1,6,7,9/ALL

Race 8: #3-Buddha Pass is 3-for-5 lifetime, gets the hood and drops for Ness/Villa-Gomez; Morales bails on th #3 to ride#4-Forbidden Colony for Jane Cibelli, consistent closer is usually close, can't ignore; #10- L.I. Ice Tea has good speed, fits with these.

Race 9: #4-Gold Jolie ran lights out in last, can stalk and finish going 7 panels; #5-Whataclassybroad ships in from FG for Proctor, has Lezcano listed as the jock; #8-A Wee Gift turns back and goes turf to dirt for Joan Scott, Velez gets aboard.

Race 10: #2-Best Westerner, full brother to Lookinforthesecret, tries the turf again for Ness/Centeno. #5-Pulla Fast One returns to the races for Dogwood Stables, probably needs one but could win this on less than best; good works on the 11th and 18th.

Race 11: #2-Paula's Pilates can stalk here for Catalano/Piermarini, who unleashed a good looking firster the other day; #4-Skyblue Cowgirl faces winners for the first time off maiden win at the distance, gets Velez and carrying a bullet; #11-She's Bloomin is the likely fave, repeat of last can get it done.

Wager: $1pick4- 3,4,10/4,5,8/2,5/2,4,11

Recap for Tues. Mar. 25th-

Meet record: 42/187= 22% Bet: 2290.00 Won: $1845.60 Loss: -$444.40

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Mar. 25, 2008

Race 5: MSW at 1 3/8mi on the grass. #1-Freeboard has improved in each of his turf starts, can sit close with little pace apparent, and the distance will be beneficial to him. #3-Dixieland Drummer has the fastest turf effort, in his Oct. debut, but hasn't run since Dec.; interesting that Frostad ships him here, but not sure that he'll be all out for a win in this spot. Rest of the race is chaotic.

Wager: $0.50Superfecta- 1/3,5,7/3,5,7/ALL

Race 7: #5-Keri's Angel was just short of brilliant here last year, is reunited with Martinez; had a prep, against better, now drops in for a tag and should be ready to roll.

Wager: $10win- 5 & $4exa- 5/1,3,6,8,10 & $1pick4- 5,6,8/2,7,11/4,9/7,10

Race 8: #7-Sir Diamond and #9-Hubbard come out of the same quickly run sprint last out; #11-Out In The Open stretches out off two good 5F events.

Wager: $4exabox- 7,9,11

Recap- as of Sun. Mar. 23rd-

Meet record: 42/182= 23% Bet: $2179.00 Won: $1845.60 Loss: -$333.40

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

SELECTIONS- Wed., Mar. 19, 2008

Race 7: #3-Clever Thought was a close-up second throughout last time with the blinkers on, but the race had a weak pace profile; not ready to take 2-1 m/l off that effort. #4-Glimmering Hope makes second start off the layoff, and goes turf to dirt, for Joan Scott; she has sparkling stats for both angles, and two good interim works. #9-I'm Jealous was third behind Clever Thought last out, and did well to close with nothing coming back; gets blinkers today, Debbie Artz is having a career meet. #1-Game Show debuts for Darley/Albertrani/Centeno; daughter of Deputy Minister is a half to Petionville; hope she takes a lot of cash and needs a start or two.

Race 8: #3-Sister Nan crushed n3l foes last out going a route, now turns back to six and-a-half and should get a bunch of speed to sit off of. #6-Saratoga Tango has two good sprints under her belt, has stalking speed and might just be better than these. #7-Mooji's Sister is the common link to these, trading positions with most of these lately; never off the board here, Morales sticks. #12-Eyes Of K.T. dueled with Mooji's Sister most recently; twelve hole could be problematic for Ness/Centeno runner.

Race 9: #7-Positively Charming has strong early lick, with little other obvious speed signed up; if Velez gets her to settle she could be long gone. #8-Carwell was rank and had trouble last out; Chuck Simon adds blinkers, reaches out to Centeno to ride Mrs. Thayer's filly.

Race 10: #2-Elusive Flower debuts for Tom Albertrani; daughter of Harlan's Holiday could be a bit of a price even with Centeno up. #8-Star Trader makes her first start for Proctor/Velez; win-early pedigree and some good AM drills visible. #9-Dixiana Darling ran a winning race first out but ran into a buzzsaw named Tight Precision that day; showed very high speed in debut, drops back to 6 panels, and has a 5F bullet since; booyah.

Wager: $1 pick4- 3,4,9/3,6,7,12/7,8/2,8,9

Recap for Tues., Mar. 18th-

Meet record: 42/181= 23% Bet: $2107.00 Won: $1845.60 Loss: -$261.40

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Mar. 18, 2008

Race 7: #7-Affirmed Action has stalking speed, should be able to press or lead throughout, at a short price; #9-Vocabulary goes third off the lay, has back numbers that would win this, Centeno stays; #5-Tootainted runs better around two turns, maybe turf is what he's been waiting for; gelded son of Broken Vow will be a big price.

Race 8: #7-City Prospect has the early zip to outrun these and never look back.

Race 9: #1-Robin Des Concorde will stalk from the rail under Centeno, great work for this; #4-Cullowhee is a 5F turf specialist, can fire big off the long layoff; #9-Unleash The Cat is another off the long vacation, was facing better going longer and should be flying late.

Race 10: Trainer plays- #3- J Henry for Jane Cibelli, and #10-Crowning Jewel for Greg Griffith.

Wager: $4 Pick4- 5,7,9/7/1,4,9/3,10

Recap- Sat. Mar. 15, 2008-

Meet record: 42/180= 23% Bet: $2035.00 Won: $1845.60 Loss: -$189.40

Saturday, March 15, 2008

SELECTIONS- Saturday, March 15, 2008-

Race 1: #6-Tricks Of Glory has the best early speed, Ronnie Allen knows this guy's hole card. #1-Singing Steel drops to career low, likes it wet. #8-Roundtripper closes like a train, loves Tampa (19-6-4-5) but rarely gets up at 6F. #9-Tanqueray Time is in best form, could be a price under Centeno. #11-Ruba Dub Dub put it all together last time, a repeat makes him a contender.

Wager: $4exa- 6/1,8,9,11

Race 2: #3-Disbelief is a tremendous stretch runner, will need a hot pace. #4-Mr. D'or is the speed, not sure if he'll get pushed early. #7-Uno Way Calle is the most likely pace presser, but tires late. #11-Right Flanker will run mid-pack and try to grind them down late; ignore him at your own peril.

Wager: $4exa- 3/4,11 & 4,11/3

Race 3: Of those who have run, #5-Flatter Me Blue has good early speed, like the recent works. FTS #2-Bold Eagle looks like a runner for Kinsman, think they saved him for today so "the Boss" can watch. #3-Patrick's Tack debuts for Tim Ritchey (19% FTS) with good drills; what is it with the Northern Afleet's, he seems to train every one of them, hoping for Alex again. #8-Debs Gone Wild probably wants grass, but the March 1st bullet calls out. #10-Storm Raider shows long works at Calder, but is bred to win early.

Wager: $2exa- 2,5/2,3,5,10

Race 4: If #2-Hatta Fort is ready, he should dust these; Group II winner at Newmarket carries the Godolphin blue silks. Otherwise, #3-Gibber's Gold seems best, wasn't totally embarassed last time in the stake at GP.

Wager: $1tri- 3/2,5,8/2,4,5,8

Race 5: #6-Milto's Express is just faster than the rest, but #5-Miss Goodnight is an improving closer on a mission for Ritchey.

Wager: $4exa- 5,6/1,3,5,6

Race 6: #2-Vocalize turns back to 7 panels, should be closing fast under Morales with expected hot pace; his two 2nd place finishes were both key races.

Wager: $1tri- 2/1,6,9,10/1,6,9,10

Race 7: Not sure which of the Godolphins will go, but if it's #1-Tam Lin, I'm not on board. If #1A-Palace Episode runs, he'll be tough to beat, even from the outside post. However, #8-Stay Close has never been better, and had an impossible task trying to run down Cosmonaut after the snail-like pace last time. There's enough speed for an honest pace today, and he's taken to upset for Zwiesler/Montalvo.

Wager: $10win- 8 & $1tri- 8/1,3,6/1,3,5,6

Race 8: #1-Silver Pegasus is firing on all cylinders, moves up in class but still looks formidable. #10-Brush On By showed a liking for the surface last out, will be flying late.

Wager: $5exa- 1,10/1,6,9,10

Race 9: #2-Lear's Princess should turn the tables here; 2nd off the lay, more favorable distance, pace is the only question. No wager here, just enjoy.

Race 10: #3-Calico Bay looked super at OBS, has light-years more experience, mileage than the rest. Use the other shippers underneath.

Wager: $10exa- 3/2,4,6

Race 11: #7-Around The Cape can shock these, at a price. Look at his last six grass tries, and Johnny V. aboard is OK by me.

Wager: $10win- 7

Race 12: War Pass.

Wager: $10exa- 3/5,6


Took a little time off from making selections, maybe the brief freshening will have cleared any "handicapper's bias" that I had developed. Weather report: quarter inch of rain officially at TAM yesterday, but the radar looked ugly and there were definitely locations with heavier showers/storms and higher totals. Let's hope Oldsmar wasn't one of them. Best card of the year Saturday, arguably best card ever; three GIIIs, five turf races and some horse named War Pass.

Meet record: 39/168= 23% Bet: $1846.00 Won: $1740.60 Loss: -$105.40

Thursday, March 6, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Mar. 6, 2008

Race 5: Carl Cooper runs #4-Sea Salty Run(20-1 m/l) back on six days rest, drops him in class and has seemingly found the impossible: a 6F race with no early speed. Dooley should send him right out of there and see what happens.

Wager: $5win/place- 4

Race 6: Third leg of the Tampa Turf Test for the boys, at 9F. #1-Sir Swervalot draws the inside, and Centeno will have him forwardly placed with an expected slow pace.

Wager: $5exa- 1/3,5,7

Race 7: I think #2-Anglers Reef has one more good one left in him, drops back to best distance(7F) and level of win two back.

Wager: $5exa- 2/1,4,5

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Recap for Tues. Mar. 4th-

Two for three on the day, with the turf race washed off. Incidentally, the winner of that race, Wild Weekend, was totally overlooked in the wagering, returning $185.60 for the win, and keying an $800 exacta, $6500 triple and $31,000 superfecta (only dime fractional winners.) Main track was wet fast from race 5 onward, but played fair; the winner of the 8th, a MSW for 3yo fillies, was Tight Precision, who ran the 7 panels in 1:23.34; she'll get a big number for that effort and has a future. Dixiana Darling was 6 lengths clear in second after dueling throughout and should be a timely winner next out.

Meet record: 39/166= 23% Bet: $1821.00 Won: $1740.60 Loss: -$80.40

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Mar. 4, 2008

Race 5: #8-Marine Recruit has good speed, has been carefully handled by trainer Sam Cronk; last was a 'speed, tired' against a salty group of Clm25, now he drops into a winning spot where he can lead or stalk.

Wager: $5exa- 8/1,4,7

Race 7: #6-Remember Shirley was overmatched against a tougher bunch last out, will stalk the leaders under Centeno; #5-Two Spot Club goes turf to dirt, won at these conditions opening week.

Wager: $4exa- 6/2,5,7

Race 8: What to do with Joan Scott firster #8-Dixiana Darling? Has all the signs: 18% FTS sire, long, steady works including four 5F breezes in Feb., two near bullets included. Barn is cold, and she'll be better next time, so #4-Tight Precision is the play. A repeat of her last, five lengths clear of #6-Omnyti, who also runs back for Mott/Zayat/Centeno, should win this.

Wager: $4exa- 4/1,6,8

Race 9: If the #11-Green Turtle Cay gets in from the AEs, they're all probably running for second place money. Otherwise, #9-Royal War Academy has one more shot to get his career back on track; Willie Martinez in the irons makes me think twice, in a turf race, but if he can stay near the front how much trouble can he get into (famous last words) ?

Wager: $1tri- 9/1,2,5,10/1,2,5,10

Recap for Sat. Mar. 1st-

A break-even day, hitting the first two exactas ($58.20, $38.60), then missing badly the rest of the card. Track played fair to all styles, even the rail seemed better. Second half of the Tuesday card is very playable, with fast/firm in the offing.

Meet record: 37/163= 23% Bet: $1782.00 Won: $1645.00 Loss: -$137.00

Saturday, March 1, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sat., Mar. 1, 2008

Race 1: Two long-layoff wildcards in here, #1-Trip Or Treat and #3-A Curious Lady, who should both show speed. #9-Nina's Royal Palm will stalk and is the likely favorite, #5-Jackie's Sister goes turf to dirt and should be the best finisher, and #8-Jackie Be Good might be the best speed under RoHo.

Wager: $2exa- 5,9/3,5,8,9

Race 2: #8-Baradore is a strong closer who never quite gets there; will use him in a back wheel.

Wager: $2exa- 2,4,7,10/8

Race 3: #7-Cause And Effect just looks better than these, can stalk and finish strongly going 7 panels.

Wager: $4exa- 7/2,3,5

Race 4: #4-Tiz Clever makes his 3rd career start for Dale Bennett; Tiznow gets 14% first time grass. All the experienced grass horses are stuck on the AEs. Wager assumes they don't get in.

Wager: $1tri- 4/3,6/all

Race 5: #6-Taps Return comes off nearly a year layoff, but had a terrific work on 2/15 and doesn't have to be 100% fit to beat these. #7-Plays Pops Choice goes third off the layoff for Sam Cronk, should be set for his best.

Wager: $2exa- 6,7/2,6,7,10

Race 7: #4-Deacon Dan is a very strong closer, goes third off the layoff for 30% trainer Tony Wilson.

Wager: $10win- 4 & $1tri- 4/1,3,6,11/1,3,6,11

Race 9: #9-Cut For Luck has never been better, can sit off the pace and surprise these.

Wager: $1tri- 9/2,5,6,7/2,5,6,7

Recap for Thurs. Feb. 28th-

Won the battle, but lost the war. Positivelycharming ran an unexpectedly poor race, but I could only get 3rd and 4th. 12-race card on tap for Saturday, including a somewhat lackluster group of fillies and mares going 8.5F in the Wayward Lass Stakes; looks like a good betting opportunity, however, as I don't like either of the probable favorites, Inda, for Shug and Cash's Girl, who has never gone two turns, for Tim Ritchey.

Meet record: 35/156= 22% Bet: $1718.00 Won: $1548.20 Loss: -$169.80

Thursday, February 28, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Feb. 28, 2008

Race 8: #4-Positivelycharming figures to be the big favorite here, so let's try to beat her right out of the exacta. #3-Irish Becky(6-1 m/l) has two good races over the track, needs to sit mid-pack and finish today. #6-Tenacious Gator(8-1) also has a good finish, was right with Irish Becky two back. #8-Mooji's Sister(5-1) likes to stalk the pace, Morales needs to get her to relax a bit in this one.

Wager: $5exabox- 3,6,8

Recap for Tues. Feb. 26th-

Small profit for the day, with outside closers favored; the rail looks dead right now. Having said that, they had over an inch of rain Tuesday night, so it's wait and see time. Traditionally, a drying out track has always favored closers. Don't know if we're on the turf today, kinda doubt it.

Meet record: 35/155= 23% Bet: $1688.00 Won: $1548.20 Loss: -$139.80

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leading Trainers by wins through 2/26/2008

Leading Trainers at Tampa Bay Downs

Starting Date: 12/08/2007 Ending Date: 02/26/2008

Win/ITM %....Name....Starts....1st....2nd....3rd....Earnings

(40%/65%) Jamie Ness 101-40-11-15 $503,922
(30%/62%) Dale Bennett 77-23-16-9 $331,984
(25%/48%) Gregory A. Griffith 60-15-9-5 $169,908
(16%/30%) Gerald S. Bennett 86-14-6-6 $159,799
(21%/49%) Ronald D. Allen, Sr. 63-13-7-11 $148,806
(13%/39%) Barbara I. McBride 83-11-12-9 $120,084
(16%/35%) Lynne M. Scace 68-11-7-6 $155,120
(8%/25%) Carl J. Cooper 130-10-10-12 $119,456
(18%/46%) Jane Cibelli 57-10-10-6 $124,166
(17%/40%) Thomas F. Proctor 58-10-7-6 $126,272
(7%/25%) Charles Fontana 128-9-9-14 $107,929
(17%/48%) Javier Contreras 52-9-8-8 $109,608
(22%/53%) Michael V. Simone 36-8-8-3 $82,628
(30%/67%) Tony Wilson 27-8-7-3 $117,370
(24%/39%) Derek S. Ryan 33-8-2-3 $100,321
(9%/39%) Kathleen O'Connell 80-7-12-12 $138,645
(11%/33%) Samuel F. Cronk 61-7-9-4 $73,561
(13%/39%) Rafael Ramos 56-7-8-7 $135,963
(15%/43%) Joe McAlister 46-7-7-6 $67,381
(24%/52%) Kirk Ziadie 29-7-4-4 $83,504

Leading Jockeys by wins- through 2/26/2208

Leading Jockeys at Tampa Bay Downs

Starting Date: 12/08/2007 Ending Date: 02/26/2008

Win %.....Name.....Starts.....1st.....2nd.....3rd.....Earnings

(28%) Daniel Centeno 301-83-53-38 $1,113,612
(16%) Rosemary B. Homeister, Jr. 241-39-35-26 $526,114
(17%) Jose A. Velez, Jr. 227-39-31-28 $560,635
(19%) Pablo Morales 210-39-29-39 $461,106
(12%) Carlos Montalvo 298-35-46-38 $598,344
(11%) Luis Antonio Gonzalez 250-28-36-39 $393,874
(13%) Juan D. Lopez 153-20-20-12 $264,453
(10%) Andrew R. Ramgeet 185-19-21-25 $247,359
(11%) Tammi Piermarini 159-18-19-22 $258,217
(13%) Willie Martinez 141-18-15-9 $211,014
(10%) Dean P. Butler 157-15-20-23 $230,003
(14%) Irwin J. Rosendo 108-15-10-7 $203,087

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Feb. 26, 2008-

Race 4: #5-Sister Nan takes a big class drop and stretches out for Gerald Bennett; should be finishing strongest here.

Wager: $4exa- 5/1,3,7

Race 5: #1-Follow Orders has run four decent efforts in a row, now drops in class and gets a weak field of competitors; short-priced speedster can stalk in this event.

Wager: $10win- 1

Race 6: #10-Inca Is Calling catches a soft spot where she has already beaten most of these; Velez fits her.

Wager: $1tri- 10/2,4,6,8/2,4,6,8

Race 7: Could be the local allowance prep for the Tampa Bay Derby, and it appears to be a three horse battle between #1-Cigar Man, who was a close 4th in the OBS Championship; #2-Vocalize, a strong finisher for Tim Ritchey; and #9-Too Many Sins, a cleverly named son of Repent who just turned in a sensational work on the 17th for Dale Bennett.

Wager: $5win- 9

Race 9: #9-Dawn Raider tries n1x again, and looks to have the advantage here as primary foe #2-Romp will be coming from far off the pace.

Wager: $5win-9 & $4exabox- 2,9

Recap for Sun. Feb. 24th-

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Finally, a race that played out the way it looked on paper...unfortunately, Archer's Fleet went off at 7-2, not the 8-1 he was with 10 minutes to post when I bet him. He ran very well, storming past them all down the center of the track. Onwards.

Meet record: 33/149= 22% Bet: $1636.00 Won: $1472.40 Loss: -$163.60

Sunday, February 24, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sun., Feb. 24, 2008

Race 5: #9-Archer's Fleet is a closer going 7 panels, in a race with predominantly speedy types. Wonderboy Pablo Morales takes the reins, and the GP race last time was a str alw against better.

Wager: $10win/place- 9

Recap for Sat. Feb. 23rd-

Main track was sloppy and speed was no good; In the featured Tampa Bay Stakes, on soft going, Cosmonaut was deftly handled by Edgar Prado and pulled away again when confronted by Ballonenostrikes in upper stretch; fine effort by the runner-up, and Denny Manning is having a good year so far.

Meet record: 32/148= 22% Bet: $1616.00 Won: $1402.40 Loss: -$213.60

Saturday, February 23, 2008

SELECTIONS for Sat., Feb. 23, 2008

Race 1: Larry Bates has a poor record with FTS, but #1-Heez For Doc worked 4F in 47.2 (1/63) at CRC on 2/2; don't like a firster on the rail, especially going out of the 7F chute, but the work is too good to ignore. Will spread with others in exactas.

Wager: $1exabox- 1,2,6,9

Race 3: Will just box the speed here and hope someone gets overlooked in the wagering; #12-Val's Gold will look to turn the tables on #3-Witty Lexicon.

Wager: $1exabox- 3,9,11,12

Race 5: #4-Flapper has good early speed, can sit and finish if necessary and likes it wet. Centeno aboard will depress the price so triples are in order.

Wager: $1tri- 4/3,6,8,10/3,6,8,10

Race 7: #1-Ponche Line goes for third straight, stretches out to six and-a-half; likes it wet, needs to watch #9-Anjiz Crypto, who figures to be sent right to the front.

Wager: $2exa- 1,9/1,3,5,8,9

Recap for Fri. Feb. 22nd-

Both Palace Boxer(13-1) and Poundcake got second place money, allowing for a small profit for the day. Saturday offers a terrific renewal of the $150,000 Tampa Bay BC Stakes, with the likes of Icy Atlantic, Soldier's Dancer, Cosmonaut, Classic Campaign and Yate's Black Cat among a field of twelve entrants. Unfortunately, the radar is showing a solid line of thunderstorms sagging southward just north of the Tampa area, and it figures to pass thru by 11AM. Hope they at least keep the stake on the turf, if possible. Handicap for a sloppy main track.

Meet record: 32/144= 22% Bet: $1574.00 Won: $1402.40 Loss: -$171.60

Friday, February 22, 2008

SELECTIONS- Fri., Feb. 22, 2008

Race 5: #8-Green Turtle Cay has been knocking on the door the last two times, should get through today with proper use of his tactical speed. Montalvo rides back for Granitz.

Wager: $1tri- 8/4,5,6,9/4,5,6,9

Race 7: #9-Palace Boxer makes his 2nd career start for Roy Lerman; huge positive ROIs for his second-timers. Would love to see the 15-1 m/l odds.

Wager: $5win/place- 9

Race 8: #6-Poundcake gets big jock switch to Centeno, but there go the odds. Gregory Griffith trainee has a 8: 3-2-1 local record.

Wager: $5win/place- 6

Recap for Wed. Feb. 20th-

'Joan Scott' Day was a bust; have to wait for her to put up a top jock before pulling the trigger. Somebody throw me a line, I'm goin' down fast.

Meet record: 31/141= 22% Bet: $1542.00 Won: $1365.40 Loss: -$176.60

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SELECTIONS- Wed., Feb. 20, 2008

Race 6: Joan Scott sends out #7-Margery Dawn for her 2nd career start; daughter of With Approval stayed in last time in an off-the-turfer, now gets blinkers-on and the proper surface. Was looking for a jockey switch as the go signal, but Willie Martinez will have to do. There isn't much talent entered here, so the price (12-1 m/l) compensates for the dreadful non-effort on dirt. Spread wide underneath.

Wager: $5win- 7 & $1tri- 7/3,5,6,8,10/3,5,6,8,10

Race 8: Joan Scott, part deux, #1-Wee Gift won at first asking in an off-the-turfer, should improve on the lawn here; good work for this.

Wager: $5win-1 & $1tri- 1/ 2,3,4,6/2,3,4,6

Race 9: Very surprised to see Jane Cibelli enter #1-Touchdown Peyton in this spot, but I guess the owners just want to get a check. I've followed this guy since he won the 2-miler at Saratoga; he has no early speed so he's always at the mercy of the pace. Appears to be enough speed for at least a reasonable pace here, so I'll give him a go.

Race 10: MSW on the grass comes up tough, with Joan Scott part III as well. As much as I like her I can't use her on top in this tough spot; I'm betting doubles here, so I'll use #4-Glimmering Hope, but it appears #7-Conchita is best; was 7 lengths clear of the show horse last time.

Wager: $2double- 1/2,3,4,7,8 & $1tri- 7/2,4,8,10/2,4,8,10

Recap for Tues. Feb. 19th-

Had all three winners and the double, but couldn't get the right horses underneath for the exacta and triple...tantalizingly close to a big day. Maybe the tide is turning. Rare Wednesday card on tap with three turf races.

Meet record: 31/135= 23% Bet: $1478.00 Won: $1365.40 Loss: -$112.60

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Feb. 19, 2008

Race 5: #3-Forbidden Colony finishes well, looks to be sitting on a good race for Jane Cibelli.

Wager: $4exa- 3/6,7,10

Race 6: Second leg of the Tampa Turf Test for f/m. Couple Whiles whistled here two back, should run them down late.

Wager: $1tri- 8/2,4,5,6/2,4,5,6 & $4double- 2,8/1,2

Race 7: In a 6F sprint just chock full of early speed, #2-First Of May can sit off the pace and take over through the stretch. Might do better than 2-1 m/l odds here. #1-Storm Ballad is the wild-card here; $175k son of Concerto was with Baffert at SA last spring and showed good works and high speed in his lone start before going to the sidelines; bullet over the track here before two farm works at Kinsman; interesting.

$5win- 2

Race 9: betting this only if #11-Glimmering Hope gets in from the AEs for Joan Scott; working well, but would prefer a better turf jock than Martinez.

$5win- 11

Recap for Sat. Feb. 16th-

Caught the overlaid early double, and the exacta in the sixth. John's Song was settling on an easy lead early in the 7th, but the four clipped his heels and he took off running, and the 23.50 quarter toasted him. The out-of-towners took the money and ran in the stakes races. Great race in the Endeavour Stakes with Dreaming Of Anna just lasting over Lear's Princess and a hard charging Meribel. Fierce Wind has really come to hand since he has gone two-turns, and having gone 9F at GP last time definitely helped him in the Sam Davis. An outstanding day of racing, with a profit...that's what it's all about.

Meet record: 29/131= 22% Bet: $1433.00 Won: $1315.30 Loss: -$117.70

Saturday, February 16, 2008

SELECTIONS for Sat., Feb. 16, 2008

Race 1: #12-Gift Box is the fastest of these early, and will have to be sent in order to cross over from the extreme outside. With all the other speedy types in here, that may or may not happen, and it might take too much out of her. Plan B is #6-Max's Song, who can sit off the speed and finish.

Race 2: Of those who have racing experience, #5-Onashoestring showed some promise as a 2yo, but hasn't been seen since July; #9-Miss Keokuk ships in from Kentucky, attracts Centeno; #11-Red Pine comes out of a strong MSW race first-time out, is working well for Zwiesler/Farish. Of the FTS, #2-Amazing shows a good string of works at CRC, gets RoHo to ride. #7-Eventful Halo debuts for Lynne Scace/Arthur Appleton with some slow works showing, this could be the one, however, as Scace does this very well.

Wager: $2DD- 6,12/2,7,9,11 & $5win- 7

Race 3: There appears to be enough early pace signed up here to look for an off the pace winner. #2-Stash The Boots goes first off the claim and drops back from a mile to 6 1/2; moves up in class but veteran runner can sit off the speed and finish strong. #4-Psychic Star turns back in distance as well but never seems to get up in time; #5-Pawnsay goes second out for Ness and gets Centeno this time after a strong late rally last time.

Wager: $2exa- 2,5/1,2,4,5

Race 4: If #8-Doryphar is ready off the 4-month break, she's probably the best under Gomez; I'll play #5-Jeux De Danse, who is ultra-consistent and should be close to the front in what appears to be a paceless race.

Wager: $1tri- 5/1,3,4,8/1,3,4,8

Race 5: How good is #5-Mydesireisthewire, who won first out at CRC by 19 lengths? If #6-One Step Ahead can sit off the speed here she'll finish well.

Wager: $2exa- 6/2,5,8,10,13[AE]

Race 6: #6-Miss Goodnight is just better than these, if she takes to the racetrack that she's been working well over in the mornings.

Wager: $5exa- 6/2,5,10

Race 7: Dear Jose Ferrer, if you send #5-John's Song right to the lead and slow down the pace, you can steal this race. Regards, your pal Tom.

Wager: $1tri- 5/7,10/ALL

Race 8: "...horses don't always reproduce their seemingly superior form the first time over the Tampa main track." Just reminding myself.

Wager: $1exa- 7,9/ALL

Race 9: No wager here, I just hope Dreaming Of Anna stays in so I can watch Meribel try to run her down. Best race they've run this year at TBD hands down.

Race 10: Big win bet on #1-Wise Answer, who can shock them with a good stalking trip by former TBD main-man Jose Lezcano; just needs to get him off the rail and to the outside of the leaders on the backstretch.

Wager: $10win- #1

Recap for Thurs. Feb. 14th-

No love for me on Valentine's Day, got the first two legs home, then got beaten by the logical Albertrani shipper I failed to use. Thud.

Meet record: 27/122= 22% Bet: $1323.00 Won: $1171.40 Loss: -$151.60

Thursday, February 14, 2008

SELECTIONS for Feb. 14, 2008

I'll try to decipher the late pick 3, and maybe even show a profit.

Race 8: alwn1x 6F- #1-Rocklane, #5-Mr. Flatter, #6-Saucy's Got It, and #7-Gallant Lover are the speeds, and I don't think any one of them can hang on given a strong pace. That leaves #3-Stormin Yank, an impressive winner first time out; #4-Let It Rock, last two were solid closing efforts going 7 panels; and #11-Service Corps for Joan Scott, who drops back to a logical spot after two stakes tries.

Race 9: clm16000n3l 7F- #5-Angle Of Attack showed a new dimension coming off the pace last time; #6-Golden Trend came from downtown Clearwater to get up at 6F last time; #9-Divine Wonder should get a good stalking trip.

Race 10: Don't know if they're on the grass for this but I'll still use the same horses either way. #1-Silver Eagle made a sustained effort on dirt last time and will offer a price; #5-Ready's Clyde drops down from MSW and gets a switch to RoHo; #8-Affirmed Action gets blinkers, Centeno for Dale Bennett, probably turf only; #9-Rue D'argent is probably the best of these on grass.

Wager: $1pick3- 3,4,11/5,6,9/1,5,8,9

Recap for Tues. Feb. 12th-

Got split for the exacta in the 3rd race; Starlight Serenade, a confirmed closer, was ridden up close to a hot pace (46:3) and went wide into the stretch; not a very heady ride-are jockeys allowed to wear a watch?

Meet record: 27/121= 22% Bet: $1287.00 Won: $1171.40 Loss: -$115.60

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SELECTIONS for Tues., Feb. 12, 2008

Race 3: Let's box some good finishers going 7F- #4-John David, working well off the layoff; #5-Marigot Red; and #9-Roundtripper, the likely favorite with Pablo Morales aboard.

Wager: $2exabox- 4,5,9

Race 7: 2nd leg of the Tampa Turf Test, at 1 1/16m. #6-Starlight Serenade is the best closer here, should have an honest pace up front, and is coming off a good second against the talented British Blue.

Wager: $10win- 6 & $1tri- 6/7,8,9,12/7,8,9,12

Recap for Sun. Feb. 10th-

Speed was not the way to go; 0 for 3 on the day. Time to end the losing streak.

Meet record: 27/118= 23% Bet: $1253.00 Won: $1171.40 Loss: $-81.60

Sunday, February 10, 2008

SELECTIONS for Sun., Feb. 10, 2008

Race 7: Taking a shot with the #7-Songandapsalm, going first time turf for low profile connections after two sprint preps; can he wire the field?

Wager: $2exa- 7/3,8,9

Race 8: #4-Matlacha first timer from Lori Smock, who is absolutely deadly with Mdclm FTS. Pedro Cotto rides and though the works are slow, the son of Texas Glitter should try to wire them.

Wager: $5win- 4

Race 10: Speedy #8-Go Go Diablo stretches back out to a mile off the sprint victory; Ness/Centeno at 40%.

Wager: $5exa- 8/2,5,6,7

Recap for Sat. Feb. 9th-

2 out of 3 in the pick3, and then it got really bad. Learned once again that you can never automatically expect a horse to reproduce his previous form, superior though it may appear, the first time over the Tampa Bay Downs main track.

Meet record: 27/115= 23% Bet: $1222.00 Won: $1171.40 Loss: -$50.60

Saturday, February 9, 2008

SELECTIONS for Sat., Feb. 9, 2008

Race 2: #10-Luna Del Gato lays over this field and I would love to get the 3-1 m/l odds; NOT!

Race 3: #9-Dennis's Dream looks for his 4th straight win this meet on the reclaim by Thomas; I'll hedge with #7-Jule's Jewel, who could sit a good stalking trip here behind the speeds (#3,#5).

Race 4: #5-Irish Becky had a good first race over the track, drops to n2l condition; Morales stays. #8-Buck Up A Storm won first out against overmatched Mdclm foes, has been working well all winter for Ritchey.

Wager: $5pick3- 10/7,9/5,8

Race 5: #10-Si Si Mon Amie has been training well for this spot, may get a bit of a price here.

Wager: $10win- 10 & $1tri- 10/4,6,8,9/4,6,8,9

Races 6-11: Taking a swing at the pick 6, using #1-Sacrifice Bunt as a single in the 6th, and #3-Paradise Dancer as a single in the 10th.

$2pick 6- 1/3,10/3,9/1,6,7/3/3,5,6

Recap for Fri. Feb. 8th-

No luck with the pick 3. Saturday's card features the $75,000 Pelican Stakes at 7F for 4yo & up, plus three good turf races and a promising MSW for 3yos.

Meet record: 27/111= 24% Bet: $1108.00 Won: $1171.40 Profit: $63.40

Friday, February 8, 2008

SELECTIONS for Fri., Feb. 8, 2008

Pick 3 Races 3-5:

The key will be to beat the heavily favored #12 with Centeno aboard in the 3rd race. Let's try:

Wager: $1pick3- 2,10/3,4,6,8/1,2

Recap for Thurs. Feb. 7th-

Ready Ruler did wire the field but I couldn't hook up the exacta; Cloth Of Gold, a closer, had no chance in the paceless turf race.

Meet record: 27/110= 25% Bet: $1092.00 Won: $1171.40 Profit: $79.40

Thursday, February 7, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Feb. 7, 2008

Race 3: The question is why does #3-Ready Ruler drop from a 25k claimer to the bottom, a 5kn2y claimer? Is he spent, or is he ready to wire the field while scaring off potential buyers? I'll take the latter view, but use him with a few others.

Wager: $2exabox- 3,7,10

Race 5: Wide open Clm50000n2l on the firm turf; I'll hope that Tim Ritchey's #7-Cloth Of Gold is ready to fire his best shot; Velez sticks.

Wager: $1tri- 7/1,2,3,4/1,2,3,4

Recap for Tues. Feb. 5th-

Caught the double ($40) at a decent price, as Keystone Point once again proved to be a money burning also-ran. Had a thrill until the 1/8th pole as the #2 (50-1) looked like a winner, but he couldn't hold the winner safe; double will-pay for that combo was $311.....ouch. La Corredora was best in the 5th, but missed a first-time turfer underneath.

Meet record: 27/108= 25% Bet: $1068.00 Won: $1171.40 Profit: $103.40

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SELECTIONS for Tues., Feb. 5, 2008

Race 1: #2-Trade Me has beaten many of these, is the main speed again and Cotto should put him right out on the engine.

Race 2: #7-Keystone Point looks like he has finally found a group he can take, but I still don't trust him fully. Will use several others in early daily doubles.

Wager: $5double- 2/2,5,7,8

Race 5: Maiden turfer for 3yo fillies. Will side with racing experience and go with #7-La Corredora, second time out for Proctor/Velez. Good interim works.

Wager: $1tri- 7/1,4,5,10/1,4,5,10

Recap for Fri. Feb. 1st-

Inhonorofjohnnie was the lone speed, strolled a leisurely 3/4s in 1:15, and stole the race wire to wire. Gotta pay attention to those situations, now that the turf has firmed up again.

Meet record: 26/107= 24% Bet: $1042.00 Won: $1071.40 Profit: $29.40

Friday, February 1, 2008

SELECTIONS for Fri., Feb. 1, 2008

Race 8: Here's a long-winded analysis I did for another handicapping forum (

1)Ten Bolts/6-1/Rice/Centeno/Performance envelope[83-92]-Improving sort just passed first condition. Well-bred mare had false starts to career at 2 and 3, seems to be on track now. Likes to sit a bit off the pace, get first jump on the true closers. Centeno is the best turf rider on the grounds, with newcomer Velez a close second. Inside post helps running style. Contender.

2)Mystic Soul/5-2/Ward/Rocco/Performance envelope[73-94]- Listed stakes winner, grade 2&3 placed, all in Cali for Mullins. Bet Mott/Vegso were pissed when she got claimed first-out...whoops. Horse shows up at GP off six month layoff, one modest work showing, runs like a "broken" horse. No interim works; I'd be surprised if she doesn't scratch. Non-contender.

3)Lady Renaissance/7-2/Clement/Morales/Performance envelope[84-92]- Deep closer just missed at this level last time, was 3 clear of the rest. Clement ships here to find soft spots, always with winning intentions. Morales is riding with great confidence lately. Daughter of Smart Strike seems to have a bit of "hang" in her, as I would have expected her to pass this condition by now. Still, a contender.

4)Carocita/9-2/Sheppard/Homeister, Jr./Performance envelope[82-90]- Strong closer returned from a year layoff in Dec. at Calder, finishing behind the above horse in a race where both had traffic problems in the lane. Had a troubled trip again next out when just missing, then faced better at GP, giving a similar performance in a slow early/fast late mile race. George Strawbridge doesn't need the purse money, so I think that Sheppard is sending her here for a confidence-building win that can propel her forward. His choice of rider, however, is a concern. RoHo doesn't ride nearly as well on the grass, I've watched her(21% vs. 10%). Marginal Contender.

5)The Lady Waffles/10-1/Feliciano/Gonzalez/Performance envelope[81-88]- mare is a terrific dirt miler, but they've kept her on the lawn this season. Mid-pack type does have speed, however, and can set/stalk the pace in slower races. ITM chances at this level, but this is a strong group. Marginal-contender.

6)Rain Shower/8-1/Oliver/Velez/Performance envelope[80-89]- Strong finisher has been knocking around this level for a while, seems to be a "rallied too late" type. Velez on will help, but don't foresee a victory against this bunch. Marginal Contender.

7)Survicat/20-1/Bates/Panici/Performance envelope[69-86]- Almost seems like Bates is running her over her head on purpose, to darken the form, but the good efforts that follow aren't winning ones. Non-contender.

8)Green Door/10-1/Maker/Montalvo/Performance envelope[unknown]- Lightly-raced daughter of Danzig has polytrack form, but grass is a ? Bred to handle it, Maker has been spot on in her three starts here, but I'm taking a stand against off the long layoff, short PMM worktab. Non-contender.

9)Gilded Arrow/12-1/Offutt/Butler/Performance envelope[76-86]- Pace casualty will be overmatched against these, needs to drop to open claimers for a win. Non-contender.

10)Inhonorofjohnnie/15-1/McQuade/Garcia/Performance envelope[83-88]- Veteran mare will be the speed of the race, may be able to take them a long way with little other speed signed up for this. Lone entrant in for a tag has been knocking heads with the best at Suffolk Downs, tends to hold on for a piece when at her best. Marginal contender.

Wager: $2tri- 3/1,4,6,10/1,4,6,10

Recap for Thurs. Jan. 31st-

Had the triple in the 7th for small potatoes, and got beat in the 5th by the Roy Lerman horse (35-1) I liked last time as a first time starter. His horses always improve second time out so it irks me that I dismissed him, even off that poor first effort.

Meet record: 26/106= 25% Bet: $1018.00 Won: $1071.40 Profit: $53.40

Thursday, January 31, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Jan. 31, 2008

Race 5: #10-El Gran Tony returns out of the key race on Dec. 29th; out of the 10-hole, and despite winless-Juan Lopez in the saddle, he should romp.

Wager: $10win- 10

Race 7: #7-Vanquisher was last seen running here last spring, for Mott; Kinsman retread shows up in the Bennett barn with impressive worktab in tow. Against my better judgement, I'll use him on top, though he should be even better next time.

Wager: $1tri- 7/2,3,4,10/2,3,4,10

Recap for Tues. Jan. 29th-

2 for 4, including the pick 3...and still lost money. Doh! Closers dominated all day, a distinct bias that hasn't been seen in some time. It's been dry since Monday so the grass should be good to go.

Meet record: 25/104= 24% Bet: $996.00 Won: $1040.40 Profit: $44.40

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leading Jockeys, by TURF wins, through Jan. 29th...

Leading Jockeys, by TURF wins, through Jan. 29th...

Name...............wins/ pct.//ITM pct.

Daniel Centeno 12/43- 28%//49%
Jose A. Velez, Jr. 10/40- 25%//55%
Carlos Montalvo 6/39- 15%//44%
Rosemary Homeister, Jr. 3/29- 10%//45%
Luis A. Gonzalez 2/24- 8%//42%
Tammi Piermarini 2/21- 10%//38%
Dean Butler 2/26- 8%//31%
Jose Ferrer 2/16- 13%//31%
Joseph Rocco, Jr. 2/16- 13%//25%
Pedro Cotto, Jr. 2/22- 9%//18%
Juan D. Lopez 1/15- 7%//33%

Leading Trainers, by wins, through Jan. 29th...

courtesy of

Leading Trainers at Tampa Bay Downs

Starting Date: 12/08/2007 Ending Date: 01/29/2008


(37%)Jamie Ness 52- 19-3-9- $238,521
(35%)Dale Bennett 48- 17-5-6- $220,568
(13%)Gerald S. Bennett 60- 8-5-5- $106,864
(22%)Javier Contreras 36- 8-5-5- $88,219
(13%)Barbara I. McBride 55- 7-7-5- $73,078
(20%)Thomas F. Proctor 35- 7-5-4- $79,601
(19%)Gregory A. Griffith 36- 7-4-4- $78,665
(18%)Ronald D. Allen, Sr. 38- 7-4-4- $75,670
(15%)Kathleen O'Connell 41- 6-7-3- $94,324
(16%)Rafael Ramos 37- 6-6-5- $116,963
(14%)Lynne M. Scace 43- 6-5-4- $100,050

Leading Jockeys, by wins, through Jan. 29th...

courtesy of

Leading Jockeys at Tampa Bay Downs

Starting Date: 12/08/2007 Ending Date: 01/29/2008


(27%)Daniel Centeno 171- 47-25-22- $619,658
(15%)Carlos Montalvo 183- 28-26-21- $450,248
(19%)Rosemary B. Homeister, Jr. 140- 27-22-11- $292,851
(18%)Jose A. Velez, Jr. 141- 26-20-14- $343,286
(12%)Luis Antonio Gonzalez 172- 21-27-26- $285,387
(16%)Pablo Morales 113- 18-19-19- $236,405
(14%)Juan D. Lopez 99- 14-14-9- $176,742
(11%)Andrew R. Ramgeet 122- 14-11-19- $165,928
(14%)Tammi Piermarini 92- 13-11-14- $177,313
(13%)Willie Martinez 72- 9-9-3- $114,434
(7%)Dean P. Butler 110- 8-18-17- $152,177
(7%)Pedro L. Cotto, Jr. 99- 7-10-18- $169,237

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Jan. 29, 2008

Race 6: #5-Laughing Matters has enough early speed and ran competitively at Calder until last out, when he missed the break and was a non-tryer; perhaps that will throw the dogs off the scent.

Wager: $5win/place- 5

Race 7: #4-Moment Of Song is a 7yo gelding with a career record of 66-16-23-12; at Tampa, he is 12-3-6-2. He can have my money any time.

Wager: $20place- 4

Race 8: #3-Hurricane Nikki has a big late run, inside trip will either be a curse or a blessing.

Wager: $5win- 3 & $1pick3- 1,5/4,6,10/3,6,8,10 [Races 6-8]

Recap for Sun. Jan. 27th-

Should have avoided the 8th race altogether, with all the horses that were running for new connections; the slump has arrived, as I have no feel for picking 'em at all. Time to go to bankroll preservation mode.

Meet Record: 23/100= 23% Bet: $937.00 Won: $992.00 Profit: $55.00

Sunday, January 27, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sun., Jan. 27, 2008

Race 8: #7-Classy And Elusive changes barns and jockeys off the claim after the curious drop to straight 8s; still the speed of the race. Hoping #6-Taupo wakes up off the claim and offers the value here.

Wager: $2tri- 7/5,6,8/5,6,8

Recap for Sat. Jan. 26th-

Couple Whiles couldn't launch a strong bid while wide on what appeared to be very soft turf.

Meet Record: 23/99= 23% Bet: $925.00 Won: $992.00 Profit: $67.00

Saturday, January 26, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sat., Jan. 26, 2008

Race 8: #8-Couple Whiles is in top form, has the best finish of these; should be fun to watch as the Tampa Turf Test series stretches from today's mile to 8.5F, 9F & 11F over the next two months.

Wager: $2tri- 8/3,4,5,7/3,4,5,7

Recap for Fri. Jan. 25th-

Too Many Sins came through along the inside to take the lead at the top of the stretch but couldn't hold the winner safe.

Meet record: 23/98= 23% Bet: $913.00 Won: $992.00 Profit: $79.00

Friday, January 25, 2008

SELECTIONS- Fri., Jan. 25, 2008

Race 8: #2-Too Many Sins should be the favorite off a decent try in the Inaugural Stakes; attempts first alw condition for Dale Bennett/Velez, who have been quite the formidable tandem this meet.

Wager: $2tri- 2/3,5,6,7/3,5,6,7

Recap for Thurs. Jan. 24th-

Didn't get to see the replays, so no insight as to my two picks going down in flames.

Meet record: 23/97= 24% Bet: $901.00 Won: $992.00 Profit: $91.00

Thursday, January 24, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Jan. 24, 2008

Race 6: #4-Barney Smith is a stout closer in a field loaded with front runners, looking for third straight win since Jan. 3rd; one more time.

Wager: $10win- 4

Race 8: #9-Point Perfect showed improved early speed last out; expect a return to her off the pace style and a big late run at the wire under Velez.

Wager: $5win/place- 9

Recap for Wed. Jan. 23rd-

Selections went 0 for 3. All the winners were either stalkers or closers, a fundamental change from what we've seen the last two weeks. Don't know how to incorporate this into picking winners yet, but as they had no rain after 7am yesterday, and speed horses who figured to do better did not, I think it could have been the old drying out, cuppy track. I'll tread lightly today, but expect off the pace types to do well again.

Meet record: 23/95= 24% Bet: $881.00 Won: $992.00 Profit: $111.00

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SELECTIONS- Wed., Jan. 23, 2008

Race 5: #2-Rock And Roll Roan is the new face in this bunch, takes a small drop and stretches out 2nd off the lay for Ferraro/Velez.

Wager: $5win-2

Race 6: #2-Rachele R's Queen takes a slight drop, has the speed to be prominent from the outset; Centeno/Ness at 36%.

Wager: $1tri- 2/3,5,8/3,5,8

Race 9: #8-Remember Shirley has good stalking speed, can run down #7-Awesome Illusion if that one gets company up front.

Wager: $5exa- 8/7,9

Recap for Tues. Jan. 22nd-

Had the 6-5 fave in the sixth.....wahoo. Caught off guard that they were back on the turf, but the area received another 2/3 of an inch of rain last night, so it's likely main track only today.

Meet record: 23/92= 25% Bet: $860.00 Won: $992.00 Profit: $132.00

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Jan. 22, 2008

Race 3: #4-Beau Classic had a sprint prep, should be forwardly placed throughout; RoHo sticks, tries to get the third Bennett off the duck.

Wager: $5win/place- 4

Race 6: #9-Let It Rock finished third in the Dec. 11 key race; off-the-pace type should nonetheless be a timely winner here, but will save with Farish/Zwiesler FTS #11-Sea Current, $250k son of Seeking The Gold who could be any kind; probably wants two turns, grass but is working lights out.

Wager: $10win- 9 $5exabox- 9/11

Race 8: #4-Tytus coming off track record performance at 6.5F, has had 4 weeks to recover, still has the best early lick of these shortening to six panels; I'll try to leverage a small exacta with #1-Islandprospectrbob, a speedy sort, and #2-Captain Cameron, a finisher, underneath.

Wager: $5exa- 4/1,2

Race 10: trainer-angle play with #6-Farsante for Jorge Romero, who has a sterling record with Mdclm FTS; three Jan. works at Classic Mile say this one is live. Take a flyer.

Wager: $5win-6

Recap for Sun. Jan. 20th-

Picks went 2 for 5, with a scratch. Watchtower was an easy winner at a generous 4-1, and La Muette managed to cross over to the lead from the 12-hole and wire the field. Disappointing performance from Golden Orbit, who got to the lead but surrendered it without a fight in early stretch; maybe a bet back under favorable conditions next time.

Meet record: 22/87= 25% Bet: $815.00 Won: $970.00 Profit: $155.00

Sunday, January 20, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sun., Jan. 20, 2008

Race 1: #1-Golden Trend and #4-Next Wonder look to be forwardly placed, along with the #10 who is a "speed, tired" designee.

Race 2: #9-Fort Knox drops into a winning spot here, has the speed to lead or stalk.

Wager: $5double- 1,4/9

Race 3: #3-Watchtower has to watch the two sprinters breaking from the outside posts, but if they duel or just run too fast early, he can run his own race in behind them and draw off in the lane.

Wager: $5win- 3

Race 4: #6-Ruthless Rebecca, last out winner going 7 panels, shortens up to six today and has an interim bullet, best of forty, in the holster.

Wager: $5win/place- 6

Race 5: #12-La Muette (Spanish for "Illinois-bred"), sneaks over from Calder for Steve Dimauro. Not a big fan of extreme outside speed going short, but if he can clear under Lopez he could prove tough.

Wager: $5win/place- 12

Race 7: hmmm...#8-War Cry, $2.7 million dollar son of Unbridled, out of Words Of War ( Lord At War.) Half-brother to E Dubai. Hancock/Zito/Centeno. Oh, did I mention he was a 6yo making his 2nd career start? Showed little first out at CD in November. And I thought I had a shitty day yesterday. Feeling much better now. #4-Golden Orbit, $120K (bargain) son of Golden Missile, adds blinks, goes two-turns for Chuck Simon/Stella "The Boss" Thayer. Best-of-25 bullet on Jan. 5th. Go to the windows, bring wallet.

Wager: $10win- 4

Race 8: #5-Even Par has enough speed to stalk, can finish strong and get there in time if the #7 and #8 duke it out in front of him.

Wager: $5win/place- 5

Recap for Sat. Jan. 19th-

0 for 6. One of those days where you're watching your pick at the top of the stretch, and he's going backwards, and you're puzzled because you can't see the rope and anchor. I've had more fun at a two year old's birthday party, which, in fact, is where I spent the day yesterday. My niece Skyllar (Happy Birthday!) had a better chance of picking winners than I did yesterday, and she doesn't use the Form. Awesome Chic would not be run down in the Gasparilla Stakes, and Honey Honey Honey repeated his front running Inaugural score in the Pasco Stakes. Speed was key yesterday, as the off the pace types were doomed. Six-tenths of an inch of rain fell last evening, so we're off the turf again, and I expect speed to dominate again today.

Meet record: 20/82= 25% Bet: $770.00 Won: $916.00 Profit: $146.00

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Very interesting DRF article concerning track bias...

Courtesy of

Damp mornings lead to faster times at Tampa

OLDSMAR, Fla. - The main track at Tampa Bay Downs has, with only a few exceptions, been much faster and more speed-favoring than in the past.
One racing program earlier this meet featured three 6 1/2-furlong sprints. In two of those races, the leader covered the opening six furlongs in 1:10 and change, and in the other the leader raced six panels in a blistering 1:09.99. More recently, on Jan. 12, an $8,000 claimer named Forli's Con Man covered seven furlongs in 1:23.74 after smoking through the opening six furlongs in 1:10.84. And in the six-furlong Sandpiper Stakes that same afternoon, Lookingforthesecret sped through six furlongs in 1:09.30, setting a stakes record.

The Tampa Bay surface has long been known for its safe composition rather than its fast clockings. The folks who work to keep the track and the horses safe say that Mother Nature is responsible for the faster-than-usual times this meet.

"We've had a number of days since this meet's started where its been foggy and damp in the morning, and when that happens a lot more moisture stays in the racing strip between training hours and the racing in the afternoon," said track superintendent Tom McLaughlin. "We've had a lot fewer afternoons with high winds and a high sky, a sky with few clouds and bright sun. When we get a day like that, the top of the surface gets crusty and fluffy as it dries out, and the speed doesn't hold up as well.

"The weather this year has dictated we use less water from the water trucks than in previous years. We haven't done anything different to the surface."

Handicappers should check the flags and sky here each race day. A calm and cloudy day usually spells speed-favoring conditions, but if the wind is whipping, the chances of stalkers and closers may improve.

SELECTIONS- Sat., Jan. 19, 2008

Race 1: #2-Pearl Drift has good early speed, goes first off the claim for Cibelli/Montalvo. Dismissing the first time starters at my own peril, looks like the #1-Killarney Township and #4-One Step Ahead are the logical underneath plays with leading jockeys aloft.

Wager: $5exa- 2/1,4

Race 2: #5-Yes It's True Shery and #11-Summertime Babe have been duking it out last three, use for the second half of the double. #2-Caricaturist would love an off track, otherwise a pop and stopper.

Wager: $5double- 2/5,11

Race 3: #11-Skipingandadancing nearly got there last time when dropped to this level; off the pace type might just get it done even in this paceless, chaotic n2l.

Wager: $5win- 11

Race 7: #6- Silver Pegasus will try to wire them for Ness/Centeno; local drills are excellent, likes the track.


Race 8: Gasparilla Stakes $65K 3yo f- #3- Unfolding Wish puts perfect record on the line, will have to deal again with #6- Awesome Chic, a close third in the Sandpiper. #2- Formal Arrangement is the lone closer, and #8- Jules Concerto takes on the big girls for O'Connell/Centeno.

Wager: $1tri- 3/2,6,8/2,6,8

Race 9: Pasco Stakes $75K 3yo- #4- Service Corps returns off a fast closing 4th in the Inagural Stakes, stretches out to 7F for Scott/Velez. Should get a square price even with Zito's Cool Coal Man scratched.

Wager: $10win- 4

Recap for Fri. Jan. 18th-

0 for 2, and a scratch. In the featured alw.....s sprint, Mr. D'Or ran without effort and finished last. I missed that he had been claimed from Jamie Ness by Kathleen Demasi...whoops. Blue Pepsi Lodge could have won if he had stopped for some oats at the eighth pole.

Meet record: 20/76= 26% Bet: $719.00 Won: $916.00 Profit: $197.00

Friday, January 18, 2008

SELECTIONS for Fri., Jan. 18, 2008

Race 3: #5-Jammin In The Sand makes his third start off the layoff, has good early lick; Montalvo sticks, he should be right there at the line.

Wager: $5win/place- 5

Race 5: Looking for the #6-Timefordaddy to stalk likely pace setter #8-Deal Me Aces to the stretch, try to overtake late. Box 'em.

Wager: $5exabox- 6/8

Race 9: Clash of the titans as local hero #6-Mr. D'or (8-4-1-1) takes on speedy Calder shipper, and last out stakes winner, #8-Blue Pepsi Lodge. Throw in #4-Awesome Attitude, coming off two straight wins here, and you've got all the makings of a real barn burner in this starter allowance. Watch the teletimer.

Wager: $2tribox- 4/6/8

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NO SELECTIONS for Thurs., Jan. 17, 2008

Almost an inch of rain overnight, good for the drought and fire situation, bad for turf races. I'll take a pass and hope Fri. (doubtful) and especially Sat. (possible) are back on the lawn.

Recap for Tues. Jan. 15th-

Had two winners and a 2nd, but used more chalk than Bart Simpson at after-school detention; that makes it tough to build the bankroll, but when picking well in advance of the post time, all you can do is pick your most likely winner and hope for a little bit of a price. Speed was dominant on the main track, but the turf looked fair.

Meet record: 20/74= 27% Bet: $697.00 Won: $916.00 Profit: $219.00

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Jan. 15, 2008

Race 4: #8-Drinkwater had powerful win last out, has enough speed to be forwardly placed; taken to repeat in a tough heat that also features stakes-placed #3-Green Lemon, who drops severely for this first time tag.

Wager: $1tri- 8/2,3,4,7/2,3,4,7

Race 5: Hoping that #2-Awesome Illusion is the quickest from the gate here and can hold off the #8-Ashley And I, who will be waiting to pounce at the top of the stretch.

Wager: $5win/place- 2

Race 6: #11-El Gran Tony wins for fun if he draws in; if not, the #3-You The Man comes out of the same potential key race as the #11; son of Lear Fan adds blinkers, faces no obvious threats here. #7-Glory Cat could run a much better race 2nd time out, going to the lawn and adding the hood, Lasix for Cathy Rountree.

Wager: $5win/place- 11 or $5win/place- 3

Race 7: #2-Ohio's Way has the look of a horse with a future; there's enough contested pace here for him to stalk.

Wager: $5exa- 2/5,7

Race 8: #2-Irish Son is "working well"; $475k son of Buddha tries to jump start his career for Dale Bennett, Kinsman.

Wager: $5win- 2

Sunday, January 13, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sun., Jan. 13, 2008

Race 7: #2-Hot Foot Slew and #3-Three Cities have the speed and class to separate from the field here; numbers and style say yes.

Race 8: #4-Saucy's Got It will be the even-money, battle tested favorite; #5-Exchanging Kisses and #6-Stormy Ballad are well-bred, "working well" firsters for good trainer/sire combos.

Race 9: Wide open Clm50000n2l turf affair; #2-Privacy runs back for Lerman, picks up Centeno.#4-Toclosetothemusic is the speed with Montalvo, and#7-Wrong Answer drops back into the claiming ranks after a good second in a first-level allowance race.

Wager: $1pick3- 2,3/4,5,6/2,4,7

{edit: just realized there is no pick3 because this is a 10-race card; it was good practice, though: $1pick3 2/4/7 pays ?}

Recap for Sat. Jan. 12th-

Only the Joan Scott turf maiden got it done; the #2-Okey Dokey from that race, very well bred for grass, had a bad start and managed to get third. He won't be a maiden long. Lookinforthesecret just outran them all as the first three finishers ran that way all the way 'round in the Pelican Stakes, won in near track record time of 1:09.30. Speed is now working on the turf; deep closers may be at a disadvantage unless they clearly outclass their field, or get a great trip in a fast paced race. Until it rains again, anyways.

Meet record: 18/69= 26% Bet: $650.00 Won: $853.50 Profit: $203.50

Saturday, January 12, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sat., Jan. 12, 2008

Race 4: #2-Afleet Pardner seems to have responded to his new trainer Dale Bennett; local works are good, inside trip gets him home if he can avoid traffic.

Wager: $1tri- 2/3,7,9,10/3,7,9,10

Race 7: Pelican Stakes $65K 6F 4up- #3-Lookinforthesecret won the local prep for this, gets a good post and looks to be the speed; catch him to win it.

Wager: $1tri- 3/1,4,5,7/1,4,5,7

Race 8: #7-Flight Navigator; mama always said "Joan Scott/Daniel Centeno/excellent works." That's all I have to say about that.

Wager: $20win- 7

Race 10: #1-Scruples In looks to be the lone speed if the #4 scratches; I think #2-Later Gater can track him and still get up in time. Tough call, but...

Wager: $1tri- 2/1,4,6,8/1,4,6,8

Recap for Fri. Jan. 11, 2008-

Ran 2-3-4 in the 9th, beaten by a 25-1 shot who didn't figure to run his career best yesterday. Bombs lit up the tote board all day, hope somebody had 'em.

Meet record: 17/65= 26% Bet: $600.00 Won: $817.50 Profit: $217.50

Friday, January 11, 2008

SELECTIONS- Fri., Jan.11, 2008

First card all meet that I can't find any races I like; but, in the spirit of "today's turf triple"...

Race 9: I want to try to beat #8-Lady Renaissance, but she's been facing much better and with a clear trip she probably sails home. I'll take the chalk on top and hope for a little bit of a price for second/third.

Wager: $1tri- 8/4,6,7,10/4,6,7,10

Recap for Thurs. Jan. 10th-

Caught the cheap exacta in the 4th, and the triple in the sixth. If Tri To Dance (2nd by 1 3/4) gets up in the 5th, I would've hit for the cycle: winner, exacta, triple, pick3. Speed continues to improve on the grass, dirt sprints are fair, and in dirt routes speed rules. Quick peek at Saturday's card looks promising, with a MSW, n1x, & n3x on the grass along with the sprint stake. Might even take a crack at a cheap pick6 ticket.

Meet record: 17/64= 27% Bet: $588.00 Won: $817.50 Profit: $229.50

Thursday, January 10, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Jan. 10, 2008

Race 4: This race appears top heavy with speed, so I'll look for the best finisher, #1-Barney Smith, to run past them all at the wire. He'll have to deal with #7-Coleridge again, who'll probably get the jump on him, and #6-Haventgotmywings, who turns back from CRC mile races and drops in class while never really showing the ability to rate; he's the question mark here.

Wager: $4exa 1/6,7 & 6,7/1

Race 5: Hoping that the Zito/Centeno rail horse takes all kinds of money; I'll take #2-Tri To Dance, who is working well locally and may try to wire them under Montalvo. m/l odds of 5-2 would be acceptable.

Wager: $10win- 2

Race 6: If the #11-Starlet Sky gets in from the AEs she's the one; if not, we'll try #6-Gold N' Velvet, who owns a good local record but not a great closing punch. Must be ridden carefully by Velez; rail-skimming trip behind #5-My Philly would be smart.

Wager: $1tri- 11/1,5,6,8/1,5,6,8 or $1tri- 6/1,5,8/1,5,8

Wager: $1pick3- 1,7/2/1,5,6,8,11 [RACES 4-6]

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Recap for Tues. Jan. 8th-

Satisfying win in the 5th with Premio Maxima at 7-1 off the troubled trip last time; the rest of the day ate up the profits. Misjudged all three turf races badly, and forced a bet on a pick3 where I had no real opinion on even one race, not a smart thing to do.

Meet record: 15/60= 25% Bet: $540.00 Won: $690.00 Profit: $150.00

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SELECTIONS- Tues., Jan. 8, 2008

Race 4: If #6-Silver Eagle is ready off the long layoff, he could upset this weak group at a nice price. 10-1 m/l.

Wager: $2win/place- 6

Race 5: #8-Premio Maxima was pinched back at the start, not perservered with last time; alert break could spell the difference, Morales knows the horse.

Wager: $5win/place- 8

Race 7: #7-Dubai Gold has a local prep (albeit on dirt) for this, couldn't have been more impressive closing from far back to get there in time. Taken to repeat over a gritty field of veteran stakes runners.

Wager: $1tri-7/1,5,6,8/1,5,6,8

Race 8-10: Good sequence for a pick3 stab.

Wager: $1pick3- 3,4,7/3,6,7/1,4,9

Monday, January 7, 2008

Recap for Sun. Jan. 6th-

Could only manage the chalky exacta in the 7th; turf triple in the eighth was easily had ($450+), should have crafted a better wager. Pick3 R6-8 ($133.20) was there for the taking as well. Speed is doing better on the grass, and will only get better 'til it rains again.

Meet record: 14/56= 25% Bet: $487.00 Won: $636.00 Profit: $149.00

Sunday, January 6, 2008

more SELECTIONS- Sun., Jan. 6, 2008

Race 7: #6-Awesome Attitude dueled and prevailed in an impressive performance last out; think they can send to the front, jumping over ahead of #1-Blind River Fox, and outlast the closers.

Wager: $2exa- 6/1,5,7

Race 8: nice Oclm40n3x/4l for f/m on the lawn. #2-Jeux De Danse has enough speed to stay close in this somewhat paceless affair; Velez has been riding confidently on the grass here.

Wager: $1tri- 2/1,3,4,7/1,3,4,7

Race 9: #7-Sister Nan closed for 2nd behind repeating runaway winner Classy And Elusive last out; wheels right back and should have a hot pace to close into.

Wager: $5win/place- 7

SELECTIONS- Sun., Jan. 6, 2008

Race 6: #10-Conchita ships in from CD for Patrick Byrne and Stonerside; troubled trip in debut against better and should report home in time here. #4-Come From Away is the logical threat from Roy Lerman should the top choice falter.

Wager: $1tri- 10/4,7,9,11/4,7,9,11

more to come...

Recap for Sat. Jan. 5th

The pick3 [R4-6] paid a generous $137.80 for a buck, glad I choose to go deep in the final leg. It also helped that the 3-5 favorite was uncontrollably rank and exhausted himself fighting the jockey for the first 4 furlongs. Winner was coming back on seven days' rest and switching to Luis Gonzalez in the irons. His previous race on Dec. 29th, won by the Clement-trained Flying Dismount, may well turn out to be a key race; 2nd & 3rd place finishers Twinbucktu and El Gran Tony should be given extra consideration in their next starts, as they were well clear of the others.

Also caught the modest exacta twice in the fifth. The winner, #1-Ashley and I, not only got jockey Joe Rocco, Jr. off an 0-41 schneid to start the meet, she earned trainer Barbara McBride her 1,000th career victory- and they had to withstand an inquiry, to boot.

In the ninth race, Anglers Reef turned in a dull effort; I'll probably give him another shot if he's turned back to 7F, but he's certainly not the same horse as last season. He's only just turned 5, so I don't think he's on the downside yet; at the same time, he's had front wraps added recently which make you wonder how ouchy he might be.

Meet record: 13/52= 25% Bet: $447.00 Won: $620.00 Profit: $173.00

Saturday, January 5, 2008

SELECTIONS- Sat., Jan. 5, 2008

Race 4: #6-Inca Is Calling drops into a winning spot here, but her career record and late running style make her tough to single, or use on top of vertical bets. Use the #8-Way Out Verdict and the #10-Go Go Diablo as backups.

Race 5: #1-Ashley And I is in great form, loves the track and distance; can she get Joey Rocco off the duck?

Wager: $4exa- 1/4,8 & 4,8/1

Race 6: Wide open MSW on the lawn. #7-Mr. Mischief is the best of those with experience; use the #2-Emperor's Crown (Dale Bennett has been working this one long and steady), the #4-Willsboro Point (Roy Lerman doesn't pop FTSs very often, but this one looks live to me), and the #6-True Blue Fingers (major jock upgrade and back on seven days' rest).

Wager: $1pick3- 6,8,10/1,4,8/2,4,6,7 [RACES 4-6]

Race 9: #2-Anglers Reef had his sprint prep, should be ready to roll here.

Wager: $1tri- 2/3,6,9/3,6,9

Recap for Fri. Jan. 4th

Caught the pick3 in races 3-5; winners pay $4.00, $6.20 & $5.60, full pick pays $109.20 for two faves and a second choice. Amazing, but that is a great example of why I like to play this track.

Meet record: 11/49= 22% Bet: $393.00 Won: $441.80 Profit: $48.80

Friday, January 4, 2008

SELECTIONS- Fri., Jan. 4, 2008

A very inscrutable, uninspiring card, but I'll reluctantly make a couple of low-confidence pick-3 plays.

Race 3-5: In the third, #6-Repent's Gem looks to be the right one off his debut effort, unless a FTS fires. next two legs are crapshoots.

Wager: $1pick3- 6/1,4/6,7

Race 6-8: First and third legs are turf; why not? Let's play the good turf riders here.

Wager: $1pick3- 6,7,11[AE]/3,5/2,6

Recap for Thurs. Jan. 3rd-

Had the turf winner but missed underneath; Full Exertion failed to live up to it's name, running evenly much closer to the pace than normal. Apparently a training race first off the claim. Tab this one back on the stretchout to 7F.

Meet record: 10/47= 21% Bet: $385.00 Won: $387.20 Profit: $2.20

Thursday, January 3, 2008

SELECTIONS- Thurs., Jan. 3, 2008

Race 6: #8-Ten Bolts vans over from Palm Meadows for Rice/Centeno; needs to be ridden with care, not too close to the front. 3-1 m/l is a pipe dream.

Wager: $1tri- 8/1,2,5,6/1,2,5,6

Race 8: #7-Full Exertion turns back in distance off the claim; will be charging down the lane.

Wager: $5win/place- 7

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Interesting South Florida barn notes...

courtesy of Daily Racing Form:

The current leading contender for the 134th Kentucky Derby, War Pass, is among dozens of Derby hopefuls stabled in south Florida, although trainer Nick Zito has said the Breeders' Cup Juvenile winner will not necessarily race at Gulfstream while based at the Palm Meadows training center.

Nick Zito, trainer of War Pass, said his star has settled in comfortably and, given ideal circumstances, will have three prep races toward the Derby. Working backward, the Wood Memorial in April would be his final prep, preceded by the March 15 Tampa Bay Derby, preceded by a race either at Tampa or Gulfstream in February. War Pass is scheduled to have his first breeze since his Oct. 27 BC Juvenile victory in the next few days, said Zito.

Among the numerous other 3-year-olds eligible to come to the fore quickly is Tale of Ekati, the Belmont Futurity winner whose trainer, Barclay Tagg, won the Derby with Funny Cide.
Tale of Ekati is training at Palm Meadows because he didn't seem to like the Gulfstream track, Tagg said. For that reason, Tagg is thinking of running Tale of Ekati in Derby preps at Fair Grounds or Tampa Bay Downs.

"Everything is tentative depending on how he does," he said.

Tagg, who brought the New York-bred Funny Cide out of south Florida to upset the 2003 Derby, will have another of his top 3-year-olds in action this weekend when he sends out another New York-bred, Big Truck, as one of the leading candidates in Saturday's seven-furlong Grade 3 Hutcheson Stakes.

Like Funny Cide five years earlier, Big Truck began his career beating up on statebreds at 2. He won his maiden by 6 1/2 lengths and the Bertram F. Bongard Stakes by two lengths. After dropping a neck decision as the 1-5 favorite in the one- mile Sleepy Hollow Stakes, Big Truck ventured into open company to conclude his 2-year-old season, finishing fourth in the Grade 2 Remsen following an extremely eventful trip.

"The Remsen is a throw-out," said Tagg. "He had a bad trip every step of the way. The Hutcheson is really coming back a little too soon for him, but there really isn't any other place to run him.

"I wish they had left the Holy Bull where it used to be during the opening month of the meet instead of moving it back near the end. That would have been perfect. The only reason I'm turning him back to seven furlongs is because there's nowhere else to go right now."

Veteran trainer Cam Gambolati managed the unusual feat of losing two closes finishes in stakes four minutes apart last weekend.

Gambolati was at Tampa Bay Downs last Saturday to saddle Run Sully Run for the Inaugural Stakes. With Daniel Centeno up, Run Sully Run was bothered badly at the start of the six-furlong race, then came flying to just miss by a nose.

The Tampa horses had not even returned to be unsaddled when the field was dispatched at Calder for the Pete Axthelm Stakes. Gambolati watched via simulcast as Buffalo Man, with Edgar Prado up, rallied strongly from far back, only to finish a half-length back in second.
"Sully got annihilated coming out of the gate and should have won," said Gambolati, who began his training career in 1978, won the 1985 Kentucky Derby with Spend a Buck, and currently is stabled at the Palm Meadows training center. "Buffalo Man had no excuse other than he just ran out of ground."

For Buffalo Man, the Pete Axthelm defeat comes with a particularly shiny silver lining. He earned a 97 Beyer Speed Figure in his career turf debut and, considering he was sired by El Prado, would seem to have a terrific future on the grass.

"It really was a great race for him, very encouraging," said Gambolati. "You hate to lose the way we did, but both horses came out of their races great."

Gambolati said both horses likely will run next in Gulfstream stakes, with Buffalo Man headed to the Jan. 27 Appleton and Run Sully Run going in the Feb. 2 Swale.

In the winner's circle...

In the winner's circle...
@ Belmont Park

Student Of The Horse

Student Of The Horse